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We offer undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications including degrees, certificates and diplomas. Full details of all our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths courses can be found here.

Subject Areas

The main OpenSTEM Labs logo which is a round circle with a teal background with a selection of different coloured dots. There is a mixture of single dots and two dots of the same colour joined together with a thin line of the same colour. The text The OpenSTEM Labs is to the right of the main circle. This image is also a link that takes you to the website that contains all the OpenSTEM labs experiments and resources.

Open STEM Labs

The OpenSTEM Labs challenge the traditional STEM teaching model of students and tutors being collocated in a lab during ‘office hours’. We connect students to instrumentation, data and equipment for practical enquiries over the internet, where distance is no longer a barrier and where access can be available 24 hours a day.

For remote controlled activities users access real equipment via a web browser. They can book an online session, undertake an experiment/activity, send real-time control commands, monitor real-time performance and download data for subsequent analysis.

A complementary set of on-screen experiments link archival data to virtual instruments with varying degrees of virtual or augmented reality. Our On-campus teaching labs provide options for developing physical dexterity skills and practising traditional laboratory techniques.

Other learning experiences

You may just want to enjoy exploring our topic based short courses. Another option if studying for interest might be to enrol on one of the free FutureLearn MOOCs or browse the the massive OpenLearn resources.

Meet some of our Students

I never dreamt I would do the things I have, the observing residential school in Mallorca was a turning point; I knew then what I really wanted to do.

Dr Mandy Bailey
Natural Sciences (Physics);student
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For what it is worth, I regard the OU as one of this country's crowning achievements. I am proud to be an alumnus and sing its praises at every opportunity.

Dr David Platt
Gained a BSc in mathematics with the OU and then completed a PhD at the University of Bristol.
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Meet more students who have studied STEM subjects

Meet some of our Academics and Researchers

Claudia Eckert, Professor of Design talks about her research into design practice over such wide ranging themes from knitwear to helicopter design. She outlines surprising similarities between both. Fitting a sleeve into a jumper is remarkably similar to changing components on a helicopter.

Dr Geraint “Taff” Morgan has worked on a wide range of projects including the instrumentation on Rosetta - the comet chasing spacecraft. As an analytical chemist, Taff works with colleagues from many disciplines on problems from detecting cancer to insect infestation.

View a collection of videos introducing more of our Academics and Researchers

Meet our Academics

Head and shoulders of male OU academic

In addition to teaching on Open University modules our academics are engaged in ground breaking research that benefits individuals and society.

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