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BBC Co-pro: Scam Interceptors

From Mon 10 June, a new ten-part OU/BBC series of Scam Interceptors starts on BBC One daytime and will run daily on weekdays at 10:45am and will be available on BBC iPlayer.

Rav Wilding, Nick Stapleton and the team return for a brand new series hunting down the scammers plaguing our lives.

3rd June 2024

Inclusive Futures: Exploring STEM Careers

 Exploring STEM Careers - 27th - 28th February

Inclusive Futures: Exploring STEM Careers is a dynamic and informative two-day event focused on inclusivity in STEM careers. Whether you are a student of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), or a non-STEM student interested in a STEM sector career, our aim is to give you the inside knowledge on exploring STEM careers in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and help you to take your first steps to shaping the future through careers in STEM. Through our comprehensive programme of inspirational talks, Inside Story panel sessions and No Limits inclusivity sessions we’re hoping to break down barriers and empower our diverse OU students from all backgrounds to thrive in the world of STEM. Follow the links below to book your place now:

19th February 2024

Lift-off planned for historic mission to the Moon

Peregrine Mission One, which successfully launched today (8 January 2024), marks a historic journey from Florida to the Moon. The mission is a collaborative effort involving The Open University (OU), ESA, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and Science Technology Facilities Council (STFC) RAL Space.

8th January 2024

Professor Mark Brandon awarded The Polar Medal







Mark Brandon, Professor of Polar Oceanography, has been awarded The Polar Medal by His Majesty King Charles III in recognition of his   outstanding work and contribution to the scientific knowledge of the Polar Regions.

Mark has been at the OU for over 20 years and has been Professor of Polar Oceanography since 2018. 

8th January 2024

Celebrating Innovation: Professor Clara Mancini receives ACI Outstanding Career Impact Award

The 10th Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) conference, held at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, USA, became a milestone not only for its anniversary but for the surprising inauguration of the Outstanding Career Impact Award. Among the attendees was The Open University’s Professor Clara Mancini, who received an unexpected honour that stirred a whirlwind of emotions.

5th January 2024

STEM Freshers: Why should students engage with tutorials?

STEM Freshers: Why should students engage with tutorials?

Thu, 12 Oct 2023 19:00 - 20:00 BST

Join us for this event dedicate to online tutorials - why you should attend, how you can meet fellow students and feel a sense of community.

11th September 2023

STEM Freshers: Chatting with the STEM Directors of Teaching

STEM Freshers: Chatting with the STEM Directors of Teaching

Tue, 10 Oct 2023 19:30 - 20:30 BST

Join us for this event where you can meet and chat to the Directors of Teaching in STEM at The Open University.

11th September 2023

STEM Freshers: Who do you call? SST or Tutor?

STEM Freshers: Who do you call? SST or Tutor?  Thu, 21 Sep 2023 19:00 - 22:00 BST

What if I need an alternate format of my module materials?

Who do I ask for clarification of a TMA question?

What if I need an extension?

Who can give me advice on what module to choose next?

11th September 2023

Ask the Expert: Generative AI at the OU - Thursday, 21 September- 12:00-13:00

Ask the Expert: Generative AI at the OU - Thursday, 21 September- 12:00-13:00

In this session we will first quickly give an overview of the technology, outlining how Generative AI systems work, where they are used today, associated ethical issues, the results of a small number of OU Generative AI innovation projects and emerging OU policy in the area.  

11th September 2023

Monitoring Urban Biodiversity at Walton Hall with the Weston Open Living Lab

Picture of badger on night vision cameraThe Weston Open Living Lab was established by the OU in 2022 through a lead grant from the Garfield Weston Foundation to develop a platform for the education, research and public engagement on nature recovery and nature-based solutions to nature crises.

11th July 2023

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