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BBC Co-pro: Scam Interceptors

From Mon 10 June, a new ten-part OU/BBC series of Scam Interceptors starts on BBC One daytime and will run daily on weekdays at 10:45am and will be available on BBC iPlayer.

Rav Wilding, Nick Stapleton and the team return for a brand new series hunting down the scammers plaguing our lives.

Working with ethical hacker Jim Browning, the Interceptors are using cutting edge technology to monitor the scammers’ phone calls, and try and stop victims from paying out. All in real time.

The series sees the addition of teams of Interceptors on the ground, warning victims face to face and leaving the scammers with even fewer places to hide. Plus the team goes head to head with criminals to confront them with the crimes.

 The OU Nominated Academics are Dr Dhouha Kbaier and Dr Ian Kennedy and the Media Fellow is Dr Andrew Potter.

Visit the Broadcast & Partnerships site OU Connect where you can try our scam awareness quiz and find out more about protecting yourself in the digital age. (NB: this site may not be live or complete prior to broadcast)

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