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A trio of images highlight BepiColombo’s third Mercury flyby

 The ESA/JAXA BepiColombo mission has made its third of six gravity assist flybys at Mercury, snapping images of a newly named impact crater as well as tectonic and volcanic curiosities as it adjusts its trajectory for entering Mercury orbit in 2025.

The closest approach took place at 19:34 UTC (21:34 CEST) on 19 June 2023, about 236 km above the planet’s surface, on the night side of the planet.

3rd July 2023

OU study could provide first ever timeline of Jupiter’s origins

A new study by an OU academic has provided a ground-breaking new insight into a huge Solar System event, the formation and migration of Jupiter.

22nd May 2023

BBC Co-Production: More Or Less returns

BBC Co-Production: More Or Less returns

22nd May 2023

UK Space Agency extends funding for OU space imaging project

OU space imaging projectThe UK Space Agency (UKSA) has signalled its commitment to OU space research by increasing its funding for a pioneering space imaging project by more than £287,000. The grant adds to the £114,000 the agency invested in the project in 2021.

28th November 2022

NASA’s JWST reveals an exoplanet atmosphere as never seen before

NASA’s JWST just scored another first: a molecular and chemical profile of a distant world’s skies secured by research from experts including

28th November 2022

Ancient rivers increase chances of finding life at next Mars rover’s landing site

Mars Rover Landing SiteRivers as wide as 600 metres once lay across the surface of Mars – according to new research from Birkbeck, University of London; The Open University; The Natural History Museum; Imperial College London; and the University of Bern.

28th November 2022

Double award win for BBC/OU co-productions

Two programmes co-produced by The Open University and BBC have won accolades at this year’s Grierson Awards.BBC The Green Planet

28th November 2022

Moon Night

Moon Night Wednesday 30 November 2022 5.00pm - 9.00pmWednesday 30 November, 5:00pm - 9:00pm

14th November 2022


COP 27 CCG is co-organizing five days of side events during COP27 bringing global experts and policy practitioners together for discussionCCG is co-organizing five days of side events during COP27 bringing global experts and policy practitioners together for discussion. The broad theme is Africa-Asia: a just transition to low-carbon development, and the event includes sessions covering decision-making tools, finance, transport, and more.

3rd November 2022

The Secret Genius of Modern Life

The Secret Genius of Modern Life Hannah Fry uncovers the secrets behind the miraculous technologies of the modern worldFrom Thursday 10 November a new six-part OU/BBC series,

3rd November 2022

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Head and shoulders of male OU academic

In addition to teaching on Open University modules our academics are engaged in ground breaking research that benefits individuals and society.

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