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STEM Freshers: Who do you call? SST or Tutor?

STEM Freshers: Who do you call? SST or Tutor?  Thu, 21 Sep 2023 19:00 - 22:00 BST

What if I need an alternate format of my module materials?

Who do I ask for clarification of a TMA question?

What if I need an extension?

Who can give me advice on what module to choose next?

These and dozens of other questions are all very common at any stage of studying with the OU. During this event, we’re bringing together a panel of experts who have regularly dealt with these types of questions. Not only will they each share some of the most asked questions, but perhaps some you may not have thought of even asking and who you go to for answers. Then we’ll open the floor to you- what questions have you got?

For further information and to book this event please go to:

STEM Freshers’ Who do you call? SST? Or your Tutor?

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