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Analysis and Diagnostics

SAXS and WAXS patterns

The Analytical and Diagnostic group’s interests lie in understanding and exploring the structure-property relationships of natural and synthetic materials; and the development of novel analytical methods. The group has a diverse research programme focusing on commercial and custom-made polymers, nanocomposites, copolymers, novel inorganic-organic hybrid materials, nanometrology, inter-molecular / inter-particle interactions and biomaterial degradation.

They are also developing innovative methods for characterising complex materials and have expertise in adhesion, composite materials, crystallography, particle technology, polymers, rheology & complex fluids, surface modification, and the liquid/solid interface. The group’s research is facilitated by a wide range of in-house analytical equipment for material and chemical analyses, they also have access to national research facilities including the Diamond Light Source synchrotron, and other instruments via academic collaborators.

Current research focuses on:

  • Application of atomic force microscopy and thin film technologies to the advanced materials, healthcare, and personal care research areas.
  • Developing polymer and nanocomposite materials and investigating their structure-property relationships during processing. Design and synthesis of molecularly imprinted polymers for use in separations, diagnostics and sensor design.
  • Residual stress mapping using the contour method.
  • Application of novel materials utilising silsesquioxane cages and silicon chemistry for medical and commercial sensor applications.
  • Creation of accelerometers, pressure sensors and CO2 sensors, microfluidic devices, integrated optical chips and the use of wafer-processing technology.

Group members: