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Energy, Nanotechnology, Diagnostics, and Material Analysis

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Smart Materials

The Smart and Functional Materials Group at The Open University is committed to the development of novel solutions to practical problems, and expanding scientific knowledge, in the fields of Energy, Nanotechnology, Diagnostics and Material Analysis.

With a wide range of expertise in these we aim to engage with industrial, educational and public partners to further the understanding of material science and its uses. We excel at promoting public understanding of our research through broad engagement with schools, the academic community and industry.

Sitting within the STEM faculty this grouping brings together academics, researchers and PhD students across different disciplines. 

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Research themes

Five overarching themes make up the core of the research within the Smart Materials group.

Organosilicon molecule

Working with Industry

We have a long history of working with industry, through direct contract work, CASE awards, KTPs, and UK Innovate awards.

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Teaching informs our research at all levels, with all of our academics engaged with subject specific presentation and module design.

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