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Ms Faten Hatem

Professional biography

Faten Mostafa Hatem (Amman, Jordan, 28.11.1992) is a PhD student, architect and artist.

Joint MA heritage conservation and site management; BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany & Helwan University, Egypt:

Focus: Museums Architecture and Exhibitions Design
Thesis title: Sensory Design as a Methodology for Creating the Visitor Experience in Museums and Exhibitions

B.Sc. architectural engineering; Ain Shams University, Egypt.

My mixed background made it possible to work actively and continuously with universities in different countries on using art to achieve deep diversity.

See more in Invitation for the Heart and  "I'm Not the Stereotype" Stories: Using Art to Achieve Deep Diversity.

As an international female scholar who also happens to be Arab and Muslim, I have always represented those who are different, mistakenly perceived, and the often-forgotten category; which if integrated very well, will make a huge difference in the depth of diversity a university might reach. Using art as a language while speaking Arabic, English and German as well as naturally speaking three different dialects in Arabic made it always easier to communicate with people from different countries, build a bridge between cultures and fulfil the curiosity of the other.  

My background and experience have also inspired the integration between art and science in works that have been awarded at The International Conference on Smart Cities and Urban Analytics, the Best Presentation for Outstanding Work Award. The works provide a unique perspective and argument about smart cities inspired by my mixed background as an architect, artist, and researcher.

The event included 31 research papers on various topics in engineering and physical sciences. The selection was made based on the best overall marks for the review of the abstract/paper and assessment of the quality of the presentation, conducted by the Session Chair at the conference venue and evaluated by the Program Committee. 

Awards and prizes:

The International Conference on Smart Cities and Urban Analytics Award Scheme:

1-The best presentation for outstanding work entitled “Smart in Performance: “More to Practical Life than Hardware and Software”.

2-The best presentation for outstanding work entitled “What Smart Can Learn About Art”.

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Research interests


Art and humanities


Nature and wellbeing  

Art for Inclusion#

Deep Diversity