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Digital Remote Monitoring Using an mHealth Solution for Survivors of Cancer: Protocol for a Pilot Observational Study (2024)
Innominato, Pasquale F; Macdonald, Jamie H; Saxton, Wendy; Longshaw, Laura; Granger, Rachel; Naja, Iman; Alloca, Carlo; Edwards, Ruth; Rasheed, Solah; Folkvord, Frans; de Batlle, Jordi; Ail, Rohit; Motta, Enrico; Bale, Catherine; Fuller, Claire; Mullard, Anna P; Subbe, Christian P; Griffiths, Dawn; Wreglesworth, Nicholas I; Pecchia, Leandro; Fico, Giuseppe and Antonini, Alessio
JMIR Research Protocols, 13, Article e52957 ((Early access))

TEC: Transparent Emissions Calculation Toolkit (2023)
Markovic, Milan; Garijo, Daniel; Germano, Stefano and Naja, Iman
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 14266 (pp. 76-93)