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Miss Zoe Morland

Profile summary

Professional biography

2018-Present - School of Physical Sciences PhD student

2015-2018 - BSc(Hons) Geology with Planetary Science at the University of Manchester

2013-2015 - A-levels at Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge (Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)

Research interests

PhD: "Impact and heat processing of Mars' Moon Phobos"

I look into the survivability of biomarkers in impact events associated with Phobos using the All-Axis two-stage Light Gas Gun at the Open University.

Research group: AstrobiologyOU -


  • Impact crater morphologies
  • Impact products
    • Impact melt in Martian shergottites
    • Preserved impactor metal in Lunar meteorites
    • Organic survival

Impact and engagement

Public engagement:

  • Writer for Rockwatch Magazine