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Mr Timothy Leese

Profile summary

Professional biography

B.Sc. (Hons) "Natural Sciences (Physics)" 1st class, Open University (2019)

Ph.D. "Quantum correlated probes for weak field sensing", Open University (Started 2020)

After gaining a BSc in Physics with the OU in 2019 I stayed with the Open University and am currently in the first year of my PhD with a focus on atomic and quantum physics that also incorporates quantum computing.


Research interests

My current research project is quantum correlated probes for weak field sensing. This project builds upon the previous work of the cold atoms lab in the OU by utilising Rydberg atoms to implement an interfermometer that is ultra sensitive to it's surroundings whilst overcoming destabilising factors such as quantum shot noise by utilising NOON states. The overall aim once a sensitive probe has been established is to implement a quantum logic gate using an ultracold atom platform that comprises of Rubidium atoms trapped within an optical lattice. This ensemble of atoms will act as a quantum register and when an atom is excited to a Rydberg state of a high principal quantum number the ensuing dipole blockade can be used in conjuction with electromagnetic transparancy (EIT) and stimulated Raman adiabatic passage (STIRAP) to realise a CNOT quantum logic gate. This experimental implementation will be used to analyse quantum logic protocols to develop best practices and optimize the setup, whilst developing the necessary tools.

My general interests are in quantum and atomic physics and the utilisation of the resultant physical phenomena to realise a scalable quantum computer. The robustness of Rydberg atoms is a tantalising method by which we can realise quantum computing, with several prominent labs taking up this line of research worldwide.