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CRC: Human Centred ComputingCentreFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology


Histories of artificial intelligence: a genealogy of power (2023-12-22)
Ali, Mustafa; Dick, Stephanie; Dillon, Sarah; Jones, Matthew L.; Penn, Jonnie and Staley, Richard
BJHS Themese, 8 (pp. 1-18)

Book Review: Yarden Katz. Artificial Whiteness: Politics and Ideology in Artificial Intelligence. New York: Columbia University Press. 2020. £22.00 / $28.00. 352 pp. ISBN 9780231194914.$ (2022)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
ReOrient: The Journal of Critical Muslim Studies, 7(1) (pp. 101-105)

“White Crisis” and/as “Existential Risk”, or The Entangled Apocalypticism of Artificial Intelligence (2019-02-17)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science, 54(1) (pp. 207-224)

A Brief Introduction to Decolonial Computing (2016-06-13)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students, 22(4) (pp. 16-21)

More differences that make a difference (2014)
Ali, Mustafa
Kybernetes, 43(6)

Race: the difference that makes a difference (2013-01)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
tripleC: Cognition, Communication, Co-operation, 11, Article 7(1) (pp. 93-106)

Too far, yet not far enough: a Heideggerian response to Hector José Huyke's "Technologies and The Devaluation of What is Near" (2003)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology, 6(3)

“The end of The Dreyfus affair”: (Post)Heideggerian meditations on man, machine and meaning (2002)
Ali, S. M.
International Journal of Cognition and Technology, 1(1) (pp. 85-96)

The (Un)bearable Whiteness of AI Ethics (2024-07-16)
Ali, Syed Mustafa; Be‡ta, Paragi; Daly, Angela C.; Gjorgjioska, Adela; Hespanhol, Luke; Kerasidou, Xaroula; Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Soraya; Oyeniji, Oluyinka and Tomičić, Ana
In: Gunkel, David J. ed. Handbook on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (pp. 217-230)
ISBN : 978 1 80392 671 1 | Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. | Published : Cheltenham, UK

On the Limits of Islamist Heideggerianism: A Critique of Sayyidian Onto-Theology (2022)
Ali, Mustafa
In: Camilleri, Sylvain and Varlik, Selami eds. Philosophical Hermeneutics and Islamic Thought. Contributions to Hermeneutics (pp. 171-192)
ISBN : 978-3-030-92753-0 | Publisher : Springer | Published : Switzerland

Descolonizar a computação (2021-06)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
In: Grohmann, R ed. Os laboratórios do trabalho digital (pp. 147-153)
ISBN : 9786557170748 | Publisher : Boitempo | Published : São Paulo, Brazil

Transhumanism and/as Whiteness (2020-12-13)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
In: Hofkirchner, Wolfgang and Kreowski, Hans-Jörg eds. Transhumanism: The Proper Guide to a Posthuman Condition or a Dangerous Idea?. Cognitive Technologies (pp. 169-183)
ISBN : 978-3-030-56546-6 | Publisher : Springer, Cham | Published : Switzerland

Heidegger and the Islamicate: Transversals and Reversals (2019-02-28)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
In: Moser, Kata; Goesken, Urs and Hayes, Josh Michael eds. Heidegger in the Islamicate World. New Heidegger Research
ISBN : 978-1-78660-620-4 | Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield

Prolegomenon to the Decolonization of Internet Governance (2018)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
In: Oppermann, Daniel ed. Internet Governance in the Global South: History, Theory and Contemporary Debates (pp. 109-183)
ISBN : 978-3-00-061624-2 | Publisher : International Relations Research Center, Núcleo de Pesquisa em Relações Internacionais (NUPRI), University of São Paulo | Published : São Paulo, Brazil

Islam Between Inclusion and Exclusion: A (Decolonial) Frame Problem (2017-03)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
In: Hofkirchner, Wolfgang and Burgin, Mark eds. The Future Information Society: Social and Technological Problems. World Scientific Series in Information Studies (8) (pp. 287-305)
ISBN : 978-981-3108-96-7 | Publisher : World Scientific | Published : Singapore

“The end of the Dreyfus affair”: (post)Heideggerian meditations on man, machine, and meaning (2004)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
In: Gorayska, Barbara and Mey, Jacob L. eds. Cognition And Technology: co-existence, convergence and co-evolution. (pp. 333-344)
ISBN : 9027232245 | Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing Co. | Published : Amsterdam

The nature of the artificial: augmenting Negrottian artificiality with neo-Whiteheadian naturality (2002)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
In: Negrotti, Massimo ed. Nature, Culture & Technology: Methodological Aspects and Cultural Issues. Yearbook of the Artificial (1) (pp. 25-51)
ISBN : 978-3-906768-82-3 | Publisher : Peter Lang | Published : Bern

“The end of the (Dreyfus) affair”: (post)Heideggerian meditations on man, machine, and meaning (2001)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
In: Beynon, Meurig; Nehaniv, Chrystopher L. and Dautenhahn, Kerstin eds. Cognitive Technology: Instruments of Mind: 4th International Conference, CT2001, Coventry, UK, August 2001, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (2117) (pp. 149-156)
ISBN : 3540424067 | Publisher : Springer | Published : Berlin

Transhumanism and/as Whiteness (2017-06-09)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
In : IS4SI 2017 Summit Digitalisation for a sustainable society (12-16 Jun 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden) (pp. 1-3)

Decolonizing Information Narratives: Entangled Apocalyptics, Algorithmic Racism and the Myths of History (2017-06-07)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
In : IS4SI 2017 Summit DIGITALISATION FOR A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY (12-16 Jun 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden)

Orientalism and/as information: the indifference that makes a difference (2015-06-30)
Ali, Syed Mustafa
In : ISIS Summit Vienna 2015 – The Information Society At The Crossroads (3-7 Jun 2015, Vienna, Austria)

Towards a decolonial computing (2014)
Ali, Mustafa
In : CEPE 2013: Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry (1-3 Jul 2013, Lisbon, Portugal) (pp. 28-35)