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Physical modelling of near-Earth asteroid (23187) 2000 PN9 with ground-based optical and radar observations (2023-09-01)
Dover, L; Lowry, S C; Rożek, A; Rozitis, B.; Jackson, S L; Zegmott, T; Krugly, Yu N; Belskaya, I N; Fitzsimmons, A; Green, S.F.; Snodgrass, C; Weissman, P R; Brozović, M; Benner, L A M; Busch, M W; Ayvazian, V R; Chiorny, V; Inasaridze, R Ya; Krugov, M; Mykhailova, S; Reva, I and Hibbert, J
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 525(3) (pp. 4581-4595)

The effect of aspect changes on Near-Earth Asteroid phase curves (2022-06-21)
Jackson, S. L.; Rozitis, B.; Dover, L. R.; Green, S. F.; Kolb, U. C.; Andrews, A. E. and Lowry, S. C.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 513(2) (pp. 3076-3089)

Asteroid Photometry with PIRATE: Optimizations and Techniques for Small Aperture Telescopes (2021-07-21)
Jackson, Samuel L.; Kolb, Ulrich C. and Green, Simon F.
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 133, Article 75003(1025)

Characterising Asteroid Spin and Surface Properties using Small-Aperture Telescopes (2023-05-24)
Jackson, Samuel Lee
PhD thesis The Open University