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I am a project officer in the Geochemistry Group at the Open University.  I run the quadrupole ICP-MS instrument, as well as the clean laboratory facilities.  In the group, we analyse a variety of geological and environmental samples for both trace element and isotopic composition (isotopes include Li, Mg, Cr, Fe, Rb, Sr, Mo, Te, Nd, Sm, Re, Os, Pb, Th, U)

We welcome any enquiries relating to commercial analyses or academic collaborations.  Please get in touch by email for further information.


Chalcophile element degassing at an active continental arc volcano (2024-02)
Mason, Emily M.; Edmonds, Marie; Hammond, Samantha; Ilyinskaya, Evgenia; Jenner, Frances; Kunz, Barbara; Nicholson, Emma J. and Velasquez, Gabriela
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Antarctic Science ((Early access))

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Tracing Volatiles, Halogens, and Chalcophile Metals During Melt Evolution at the Tolbachik Monogenetic Field, Kamchatka (2022-09)
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Constraints on the petrologic history of gabbroic shergottite Northwest Africa 6963 from pyroxene zoning profiles and electron backscattered diffraction (2021-09-20)
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Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 56(9) (pp. 1744-1757)

Mush remobilisation and mafic recharge: A study of the crystal cargo of the 2013–17 eruption at Volcán de Colima, Mexico (2021-08)
Hughes, Gerallt E.; Petrone, Chiara Maria; Downes, Hilary; Varley, Nick R. and Hammond, Samantha J.
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 416, Article 107296

Cavezzo—The double face of a meteorite: Mineralogy, petrography, and geochemistry of a very unusual chondrite (2021-07-19)
Pratesi, Giovanni; Moggi Cecchi, Vanni; Greenwood, Richard C.; Franchi, Ian A.; Hammond, Samantha J.; Di Martino, Mario; Barghini, Dario; Taricco, Carla; Carbognani, Albino and Gardiol, Daniele
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Thallium elemental and isotopic systematics in ocean island lavas (2021-05-15)
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Cadmium isotope fractionation reveals genetic variation in Cd uptake and translocation by Theobroma cacao and role of natural resistance-associated macrophage protein 5 and heavy metal ATPase-family transporters (2020-05-01)
Moore, Rebekah E. T.; Ullah, Ihsan; de Oliveira, Vinicius H.; Hammond, Samantha J.; Strekopytov, Stanislav; Tibbett, Mark; Dunwell, Jim M. and Rehkämper, Mark
Horticulture research, 7, Article 71(1)

Evolution of the melt source during protracted crustal anatexis: An example from the Bhutan Himalaya (2020)
Hopkinson, Thomas; Harris, Nigel; Roberts, Nick M.W.; Warren, Clare J.; Hammond, Sam; Spencer, Christopher J. and Parrish, Randall R.
Geology, 48(1) (pp. 87-91)

Cu and Zn isotope fractionation during extreme chemical weathering (2019-10-15)
Little, Susan H.; Munson, Sophie; Prytulak, Julie; Coles, Barry J.; Hammond, Samantha J. and Widdowson, Mike
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Experimental determination of Li isotope behaviour during basalt weathering (2019-07-05)
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Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 48(6) (pp. 929-954)

Fully protected glycosylated zinc (II) phthalocyanine shows high uptake and photodynamic cytotoxicity in MCF-7 cancer cells (2013-01)
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Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 257(3-4) (pp. 609-621)

Crystallization history of gabbroic shergottite NWA 6963 as revealed by pyroxene zoning (2017-03)
Meado, A. L.; Schwenzer, S. P.; Hammond, S. J. and Filiberto, J.
In : 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (20-24 Mar 2017, Houston)

Chemical evolution of Himalayan leucogranites based on an O, U-Pb and Hf study of zircon (2015-04)
Hopkinson, Thomas N.; Warren, Clare J.; Harris, Nigel B. W.; Hammond, Samantha J. and Parrish, Randall R.
In : European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2015 (12-17 Apr 2015, Vienna, Austria)

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Mineralogical and geochemical investigations of mare basalts from the Appollo Collection (2008)
Hallis, L. J.; Anand, M.; Russell, S. S.; Terada, K.; Rogers, N. and Hammond, S.
In : 71st Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting (28 Jul - 01 Aug 2008, Matsue, Japan)