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Sally Crighton

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Sally Crighton is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics & Statistics. She worked on developing the key introductory level 1 module MU123 Discovering mathematics and is now module chair of MU123.  Sally has recently joined the module team of MS327 Deterministic and stochastic dynamics.

Based in the Edinburgh office in The Open University in Scotland, Sally is involved in numerous projects to promote mathematics and its teaching in Scotland.  For example she was involved in the development of a partnership with Glasgow Clyde College, the Open University and Heriot Watt university to develop a study route from HNC to MSc for people working in the water industry in Scotland and beyond, Sally's main role,and scholarship interest, is involvement in developing professional development opportunities for Associate Lecturers who live in Scotland and teach Mathematics & Statistics modules. 

When not enthusing about mathematics, over the years Sally has been variously a dancer, teacher of dance and singer. She was particularly tickled by the newspaper review “Sally is by turn vivacious and pensive, spine-tingling and melodic. Her vocal flexibility might earn her the title ‘queen of the high Cs’.” She retains a keen interest in musical adventures.



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