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Mr R Corrigan

Profile summary

Professional biography

Ray Corrigan is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at the Open University. He has worked with the UK parliament, European Commission, the World Intellectual Property Organisation, NGOs and the Korean Copyright Commission on privacy, security, surveillance, education, intellectual property and its economics.

Ray is a signatory of the ‘Necessary and Proportionate International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance.’

Author of 'Digital Decision Making: Back to the Future' [Springer-Verlag, 2007], Ray wrote the OU's 'Law, the Internet and Society: Technology and the Future of Ideas' course, as well as a variety of other (multi-media) materials on the environment and information and communications technologies.

He has direct responsibility on a day to day level for about a thousand students on a range of Open University technology courses.

Ray dabbles in the use of the Internet and digital technologies in education, having been at the front line of the Open University’s industrial-scale deployment of e-learning for many years.

Before alighting in academia he spent nearly ten years in a variety of roles in industry with occasional lean periods ‘seeking employment’. By far the most technically interesting period of the commercial roles was the nearly 7 years spent development testing aircraft parts to destruction.

Research interests

Research interests include digital rights, cyber security, interacting developments in law and technology and their wider effects on society, public understanding of technology and its regulation, critical information studies.  

Ray is currently working on a graphic novel on mass surveillance and looking for funding sources for the artwork. A monograph on systems failures in regulating the internet is a work in progress.

Teaching interests

Teaching interests include digital rights, cyber security, internet law, engineering and information systems.

Impact and engagement

Ray is a regular contibutor to sociotechnical policy consultations, does occasional media interviews, was an academic consultant on the BAFTA winning OU/BBC co-production, The Virtual Revolution, and has written for a variety of publications including New Scientist, Wired, Crooked Timber and The Conversation.

He shares thoughts on law, the Internet and society at and, has been a keynote speaker at the British Computer Society, the IEEE Consumer Electronics Symposium, the Westminster eForum on intellectual property, Public Policy Exchange and a variety of international conferences.

External collaborations

Investigatory Powers Research Group, Institute for Advanced Legal Studies


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