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Semantic Web technologies and bias in artificial intelligence: A systematic literature review (2022)
Reyero Lobo, Paula; Daga, Enrico; Alani, Harith and Fernandez, Miriam
Semantic Web ((Early access))

Bias in Hate Speech and Toxicity Detection (2022-07)
Reyero Lobo, Paula
In : 2022 AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society (19-21 May 2021, Oxford, United Kingdom)

Estimating Ground Truth in a Low-labelled Data Regime: A Study of Racism Detection in Spanish (2022-06-06)
Reyero Lobo, Paula; Mensio, Martino; Pavon Perez, Angel; Bayer, Vaclav; Kwarteng, Joseph; Fernandez, Miriam; Daga, Enrico and Alani, Harith
In : Workshop on Novel Evaluation Approaches for Text Classification Systems on Social Media (NEATCLasS) (6-9 Jun 2022, Atlanta, Georgia)

Heart Rate Variability for Non-Intrusive Cybersickness Detection (2022-06)
Reyero Lobo, Paula and Perez, Pablo
In : ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences (Jun 2022)

Supporting Online Toxicity Detection with Knowledge Graphs (2022)
Reyero Lobo, Paula; Daga, Enrico and Alani, Harith
In : Sixteenth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (6-9 Jun 2022, Atlanta, Georgia)