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Habitability On Mars And The Timing Of Events In Oxia Planum (Year 2 - April to Sept 2022)
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Lead01 Apr 202230 Sep 2022UKSA UK Space Agency
Habitability on Mars and the Timing of Events in Oxia Planum
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Lead01 Apr 202131 Mar 2022UKSA UK Space Agency

This fellowship proposes to explore locations most conducive to sustained habitability on Mars and to support the Rosalind Franklin (RF) rover mission, capable of identifying extant life and ancient biosignatures. This addresses the ExoMars mission goal: “to find evidence of past or present life on Mars” and asks a question central to human exploration; have we always been alone? RF will identify evidence of life by detecting complex organic molecules from samples collected in the landing site; Oxia Planum. This will only be possible, and the result be meaningful, if we understand where biomarkers may have formed, how they have been deposited in Oxia Planum, and if they have been preserved for RF to detect. I have been involved in understanding the geological context of Oxia Planum since the start of landing site selection. By drawing on this experience, and my geological remote sensing skills, I will continue to improve our understanding of Oxia Planum by: (1) investigating the sediment fans in Oxia Planum, which potentially deposited biomarkers; (2) observing impact craters from orbit and from the rover to determine when preservation potential has been risked by erosion, and; (3) investigating the relative timing of volcanic activity and ancient lakes to consider biomarker formation. This research will maximise the impact of the UK investment in the ExoMars mission. Through publishing my findings, I will provide insight into the geological evolution of Oxia Planum and the history of Mars for the scientific community. These insights will contribute to mission preparation through my participation in the PanCam team and Rover Science Operation Working Group (RSOWG) and by publishing the first geological maps of the landing site I will contribute to scientific decisions made during the mission. I will use this fellowship to build an independent research career, to continue to support students, and to inspire the general public with the excitement of exploration through the ExoMars mission.


Ancient alluvial plains at Oxia Planum, Mars (2023-01-01)
Davis, Joel M.; Balme, Matthew R.; Fawdon, Peter; Grindrod, Peter M.; Favaro, Elena A.; Banham, Steven G. and Thomas, Nicolas
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 601, Article 117904

Multiple sites of recent wet-based glaciation identified from eskers in western Tempe Terra, Mars (2022-11-01)
Woodley, Savana Z.; Butcher, Frances E.G.; Fawdon, Peter; Clark, Chris D.; Ng, Felix S.L.; Davis, Joel M. and Gallagher, Colman
Icarus, 386, Article 115147

New evidence for sedimentary volcanism on Chryse Planitia, Mars (2022-08)
Brož, P.; Hauber, E.; Conway, S.J.; Luzzi, E.; Mazzini, A.; Noblet, A.; Jaroš, J.; Fawdon, P. and Markonis, Y.
Icarus, 382, Article 115038

The evolution of ancient fluvial systems in Memnonia Sucli, Mars: impact crater damming, aggradation, and a large water body on the dichotomy? (2022-02-17)
Davis, Joel M.; Aranos, Liliana; Dickeson, Zachary I. and Fawdon, Peter
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 127, Article e2021JE007021(2)

Rivers and Lakes in Western Arabia Terra: The Fluvial Catchment of the ExoMars 2022 Rover Landing Site (2022)
Fawdon, Peter; Balme, Matthew; Davis, Joel; Bridges, John; Gupta, Sanjeev and Quantin‐Nataf, Cathey
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 127, Article e2021JE007045(2)

Jezero crater, Mars: application of the deep learning NOAH-H terrain classification system (2022)
Wright, Jack; Barrett, Alexander M.; Fawdon, Peter; Favaro, Elena A.; Balme, Matthew R.; Woods, Mark J. and Karachalios, Spyros
Journal of Maps ((Early Access))

Oxia Planum, Mars, classified using the NOAH-H deep-learning terrain classification system (2022)
Barrett, Alexander M.; Wright, Jack; Favaro, Elena; Fawdon, Peter; Balme, Matthew R.; Woods, Mark J.; Karachalios, Spyros; Bohachek, Eleni; Sefton-Nash, Elliot and Joudrier, Luc
Journal of Maps ((Early Access))

Mounds in Oxia Planum: The Burial and Exhumation of the ExoMars Rover Landing Site (2022)
McNeil, Joseph D.; Fawdon, Peter; Balme, Matthew R.; Coe, Angela L. and Thomas, Nicolas
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 127, Article e2022JE007246(11)

The geography of Oxia Planum (2021-11)
Fawdon, Peter; Grindrod, Peter; Orgel, Csilla; Sefton-Nash, Elliot; Adeli, Solmaz; Balme, Matt; Cremonese, Gabriele; Davis, Joel; Frigeri, Alessandro; Hauber, Ernst; Le Deit, Laetitia; Loizeau, Damien; Nass, Andrea; Parks-Bowen, Adam; Quantin-Nataf, Cathy; Thomas, Nick; Vago, Jorge L. and Volat, Matthieu
Journal of Maps, 17(2) (pp. 752-768)

Hunting for biosignatures on Mars (2021-08-01)
Ramkissoon, Nisha K.; Burchell, Mark J; Fawdon, Peter and Preston, Louisa
Astronomy & Geophysics, 62(4) (pp. 4.24-4.27)

Morphology, Morphometry and Distribution of Isolated Landforms in Southern Chryse Planitia, Mars (2021-05-11)
McNeil, Joseph D.; Fawdon, Peter; Balme, Matthew R. and Coe, Angela L.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 126, Article e2020JE006775(5)

The Aeolian Environment of the Landing Site for the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin Rover in Oxia Planum, Mars (2021-04)
Favaro, E.A.; Balme, M.R.; Davis, J.; Grindrod, P.M; Fawdon, P.; Barrett, A.M. and Lewis, S.R.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 126, Article e2020JE006723(4)

Oxia Planum: The Landing Site for the ExoMars “Rosalind Franklin” Rover Mission: Geological Context and Prelanding Interpretation (2021)
Quantin-Nataf, Cathy; Carter, John; Mandon, Lucia; Thollot, Patrick; Balme, Matthew; Volat, Matthieu; Pan, Lu; Loizeau, Damien; Millot, Cédric; Breton, Sylvain; Dehouck, Erwin; Fawdon, Peter; Gupta, Sanjeev; Davis, Joel; Grindrod, Peter M.; Pacifici, Andrea; Bultel, Benjamin; Allemand, Pascal; Ody, Anouck; Lozach, Loic and Broyer, Jordan
Astrobiology, 21(3)

Solar-System-Wide Significance of Mars Polar Science (2021)
Smith, Isaac; Calvin, W. M.; Smith, D. E.; Hansen, C.; Diniega, S.; McEwen, A.; Thomas, N.; Banfield, D.; Titus, T. N.; Becerra, P.; Kahre, M.; Forget, F.; Hecht, M.; Byrne, S.; Hvidberg, C. S.; Hayne, P. O.; III, J. W. Head,; Mellon, M.; Horgan, B.; Mustard, J.; Holt, J. W.; Howard, A.; McCleese, D.; Stoker, C.; James, P.; Putzig, N. E.; Whitten, J.; Buhler, P.; Spiga, A.; Crismani, M.; Aye, K. M.; Portyankina, A.; Orosei, R.; Bramson, A.; Hanley, J.; Sori, M.; Aharonson, O.; Clifford, S.; Sizemore, H.; Morgan, G.; Hartmann, B.; Schorghofer, N.; Clark, R.; Berman, D.; Crown, D.; Chuang, F.; Siegler, M.; Dobrea, E. N.; Lynch, K.; Obbard, R. W.; Elmaary, M. R.; Fisher, D.; Kleinboehl, A.; Balme, M.; Schmitt, B.; Daly, M.; Ewing, R. C.; Herkenhoff, K. E.; Fenton, L.; Guzewich, S. D.; Koutnik, M.; Levy, J.; Massey, R.; Łosiak, A.; Eke, V.; Goldsby, D.; Cross, A.; Hager, T.; Piqueux, S.; Kereszturi, A.; Seelos, K.; Wood, S.; Hauber, E.; Amos, C.; Russell, P.; Jaumann, R.; Michael, G.; Conway, S.; Khayat, A.; Lewis, S.; Luizzi, G.; Martinez, G.; Mesick, K.; Montabone, L.; Johnsson, A.; Pankine, A.; Phillips-Lander, C.; Read, P.; Edgar, L.; Zacny, K.; McAdam, A.; Rutledge, A.; Bertrand, T.; Widmer, J.; Stillman, D.; Soto, A.; Yoldi, Z.; Young, R.; Svensson, A.; Sam, L.; Landis, M.; Bhardwaj, A.; Chojnacki, M.; Kite, E.; Thomas, P.; Plaut, J.; Bapst, J.; Milkovich, S.; Whiteway, J.; Moores, J.; Rezza, C.; Karimova, R.; Mishev, I.; Brenen, A. Van; Acharya, P.; Chesal, J.; Pascuzzo, A.; Vos, E.; Osinski, G.; Andres, C.; Neisch, C.; Hibbard, S.; Sinha, P.; Knightly, J. P.; Cartwright, S.; Kounaves, S.; Orgel, C.; Skidmore, M.; MacGregor, J.; Staehle, R.; Rabassa, J.; Gallagher, C.; Coronato, A.; Galofre, A. G.; Wilson, J.; McKeown, L.; Oliveira, N.; Fawdon, P.; Gayathri, U.; Stuurman, C.; Herny, C.; Butcher, F.; Bernardini, F.; Perry, M.; Hu, R.; Mukherjee, S.; Chevrier, V.; Banks, M. E.; Meng, T.; Johnson, P. A.; Tober, B.; Johnson, J. C.; Ulamsec, S.; Echaurren, J. C.; Khuller, A.; Dinwiddie, C.; Adeli, S.; Henderson, B. L.; Lozano, L. R.; Lalich, D.; Rivera-Valentín, E.; Nerozzi, S.; Petersen, E.; Foss, F.; Lorenz, R.; Eigenbrode, J.; Day, M.; Brown, A.; Pajola, M.; Karatekin, Ö.; Lucchetti, A.; Cesar, C.; Newman, C.; Cave, T. G.; Tamppari, L.; Mischna, M.; Patel, M.; Streeter, P.; Stern, J. C. and Dundas, C. M.
Bulletin of the AAS, 53(4)

Rapid Single Image-Based DTM Estimation from ExoMars TGO CaSSIS Images Using Generative Adversarial U-Nets (2021)
Tao, Yu; Xiong, Siting; Conway, Susan J.; Muller, Jan-Peter; Guimpier, Anthony; Fawdon, Peter; Thomas, Nicolas and Cremonese, Gabriele
Remote Sensing, 13, Article e2877(15)

Impact crater degradation, Oxia Planum, Mars (2021)
Roberts, Amelie L.; Fawdon, Peter and Mirino, Melissa
Journal of Maps, 17(2) (pp. 569-578)

Aram Dorsum: an extensive mid-Noachian age fluvial depositional system in Arabia Terra, Mars (2020)
Balme, Matthew R.; Gupta, Sanjeev; Davis, Joel M.; Fawdon, Peter; Grindrod, Peter M.; Bridges, John C.; Sefton-Nash, Elliot and Williams, Rebecca M.E.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 125, Article e2019JE006244(5)

A Diverse Array of Fluvial Depositional Systems in Arabia Terra: Evidence for mid‐Noachian to Early Hesperian Rivers on Mars (2019-08-14)
Davis, Joel M.; Gupta, Sanjeev; Balme, Matthew; Grindrod, Peter M.; Fawdon, Peter; Dickeson, Zachary I. and Williams, Rebecca M.E.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 124(7) (pp. 1913-1934)

Geomorphological evidence of localized stagnant ice deposits in Terra Cimmeria, Mars (2019-07-12)
Adeli, Solmaz; Hauber, Ernst; Michael, Gregory G.; Fawdon, Peter; Smith, Isaac B. and Jaumann, Ralf
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 124(6) (pp. 1525-1541)

Hypotheses for the Origin of the Hypanis Fan-Shaped Deposit at the Edge of the Chryse Escarpment, Mars: Is it a Delta? (2019-02)
Adler, Jacob B.; Bell, James F.; Fawdon, Peter; Davis, Joel; Warner, Nicholas H.; Sefton-Nash, Eliott and Harrison, Tanya N.
Icarus, 319 (pp. 885-908)

The Hypanis Valles delta: The last highstand of a sea on early Mars? (2018-10-15)
Fawdon, Peter; Gupta, Sanjeev; Davis, Joel M.; Warner, Nicholas H.; Adler, Jacob B.; Balme, Matthew R.; Bell, James F.; Grindrod, Peter M. and Sefton-Nash, Elliot
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 500 (pp. 225-241)

Episodic and Declining Fluvial Processes in Southwest Melas Chasma, Valles Marineris, Mars (2018-10)
Davis, J. M.; Grindrod, P. M.; Fawdon, P.; Williams, R. M. E.; Gupta, S. and Balme, M.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 123(10) (pp. 2527-2549)

Surface-based 3D measurements of small aeolian bedforms on Mars and implications for estimating ExoMars rover traversability hazards (2018-04)
Balme, Matt; Robson, Ellen; Barnes, Rob; Butcher, Frances; Fawdon, Peter; Huber, Ben; Ortner, Thomas; Paar, Gerhard; Traxler, Christoph; Bridges, John; Gupta, Sanjeev and Vago, Jorge L.
Planetary And Space Science, 153 (pp. 39-53)

Amazonian-aged fluvial system and associated ice-related features in Terra Cimmeria, Mars (2016-10)
Adeli, Solmaz; Hauber, Ernst; Kleinhans, Maarten; Le Deit, Laetitia; Platz, Thomas; Fawdon, Peter and Jaumann, Ralf
Icarus, 277 (pp. 286-299)

The geological history of Nili Patera, Mars (2015-06-17)
Fawdon, P.; Skok, J. R.; Balme, M. R.; Vye-Brown, C. L.; Rothery, D. A. and Jordan, C. J.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 120(5) (pp. 951-977)

Sex & Bugs & Rock 'n Roll: getting creative about public engagement (2014)
Sayer, Emma J.; Featherstone, Helen C.; Gosling, William D.; the BES Roadies, ; Bird, Frazer; Fawdon, Peter; Gunn, Leanne; Salmon, Kate and Dixon, Sophie
Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 29(2) (pp. 65-67)

Mineralogy of the Oxia Planum Catchment Area on Mars and its Relevance to the Exomars Rosalind Franklin Rover Mission (2021)
Turner, Stuart; Fawdon, Peter and Davis, J.M.
In : 52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2021 (15-19 Mar 2021, Virtual)

Geological mapping of Mawrth Vallis, Mars, by PLANMAP (2020-09-21)
Wright, Jack; Balme, Matthew; Davis, Joel; Fawdon, Peter and Rothery, David
In : Europlanet Science Congress 2020 (21 Sep - 9 Oct 2020, Virtual)

Geologic mapping of Mawrth Vallis, Mars (2020-07-09)
Wright, Jack; Balme, Matthew; Davis, Joel; Fawdon, Peter and Rothery, David
In : 2020 Annual Meeting of Planetary Geologic Mappers (23 Jul 2020, Virtual)

Geological mapping of Mawrth Vallis, Mars: First look (2020)
Wright, Jack; Balme, Matthew; Davis, J. M.; Fawdon, Peter and Rothery, David
In : 2nd British Planetary Sciences Conference (13-15 Jan 2020, Oxford) (pp. 130-130)

ExoFiT: ExoMars-Like Field Trials – a Mission Simulation. (2019)
Hall, A.; Dobke, B.; Lisle, M.; Shilton, M.; Allouis, E.; Waugh, L.; Carroll, J.; Doignon, G.; Azkarate, M.; van Winnendael, M.; Duvet, L.; Martin, D.; Delfa, J.; Vago, J.; Schwenzer, S. P.; Balme, M.; Fawdon, P.; Turner, S.; Bedford, C.; Sargeant, Hannah; Pegg, D.; Mirino, M.; Barrett, T.; Ladegaard, A.; Rull, F.; Veneranda, M.; Bontognali, T.; Josset, T.; Josset, J.-L.; Josset, M.; Ciarletti, V.; Plettemeier, D.; Le Gall, A.; Hervé, Y.; Corbel, C.; Vieau, A.-J.; Oudart, N. R.; Trainer, V.; Benedix, W.-S.; Hegler, S.; Lopez, G.; Saiz, J.; Preston, L.; Cousins, C.; Allender, E.; Banham, S.; Barnes, R.; Northwood-Smith, G.; Sangwan, K.; Grindrod, P.; Davis, J.; Motaghian, S.; Dickeson, Z.; Boazman, S.; Schroder, C.; Hauber, E.; Schmitz, N.; Parkes-Bowen, A.; Bahir, R.; Barcenilla, R.; Leff, C.; Persud, D.; Coates, A.; Griffiths, A.; Stabbins, R.; Bohacek, E.; Kuhn, N. and Westall, F.
In : 15th Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation (27-28 May 2019, ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, the Netherlands)

UK Space Agency “Mars Utah Rover Field Investigation 2016” (MURFI 2016): overview of mission, aims and progress (2017-03)
Balme, M. R.; Curtis-Rouse, M. C.; Banham, S.; Barnes, D.; Barnes, R.; Bauer, A.; Bedford, C.; Bridges, J.; Butcher, F. E. G.; Caballo, P.; Caldwell, A.; Coates, A.; Cousins, C.; Davis, J.; Dequaire, J.; Edwards, P.; Fawdon, P.; Furuya, K.; Gadd, M.; Get, P.; Griffiths, A.; Grindrod, P. M.; Gunn, M.; Gupta, S.; Hansen, R.; Harris, J. K.; Holt, J.; Huber, B.; Huntly, C.; Hutchinson, I.; Jackson, L.; Kay, S.; Kybert, S.; Lerman, H. N.; McHugh, M.; McMahon, W.; Muller, J.-P.; Paar, G.; Preston, L. J.; Schwenzer, S.; Stabbins, R.; Tao, Y.; Traxler, C; Turner, S.; Tyler, L.; Venn, S.; Walker, H.; Wright, J. and Yeomans, B.
In : 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (20-24 Mar 2017, Houston)

Surface-Based 3d measurements of aeolian bedforms on Mars (2017)
Balme, Matthew; Robson, Ellen; Barnes, Robert; Huber, Ben; Butcher, Frances; Fawdon, Peter; Gupta, Sanjeev and Paar, Gerhard
In : EGU General Assembly 2017 (23-28 Apr 2017, Vienna, Austria)

Evolving magmas, explosive eruptions and hydrothermal deposits at Nili Patea Caldera, Syrtis Major, Mars (2015-03)
Fawdon, P.; Skok, J. R.; Balme, M. R.; Vye-Brown, C.; Rothery, D. A. and Jordan, C. J.
In : 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (19-23 Mar 2012, Houston, TX)

The Hypanis fluvial deltaic system in Xanthe Terra: a candidate ExoMars 2018 Rover landing site (2015-03)
Sefton-Nash, E.; Fawdon, P.; Gupta, S.; Balme, M.; Davis, J.; Grindrod, P.; Sidiropoulos, P.; Yershov, V. and Muller, J.-P.
In : 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (16-20 Mar 2015, Houston, TX)

The Nili Patea caldera; evolving magma, explosive eruptions and hydrothermal deposits on Mars. (2014-03)
Fawdon, P.; Skok, J. R.; Balme, M. R.; Vye-Brown, C. and Jordan, C. J.
In : 45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (17-21 Mar 2014, The Woodlands, Texas)

Syrtis Major volcano evolution characterised from a terrestrial analogue (2012-04)
Fawdon, Peter
In : EGU General Assembly 2012 (22-27 Apr 2012, Vienna)

The Volcanic Evolution of Syrtis Major Planum, Mars (2016-12-22)
Fawdon, Peter
PhD thesis The Open University