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X-Polli:Nation: Contributing towards sustainable development goals through school-based pollinator citizen science (2023)
Lakeman Fraser, Poppy; Colluci-Gray, Laura; Robinson, Annie; Sforzi, Andrea; Staples-Rolf, Ruth; Newman, Julie; Gill, Richard; Sharma, Nirwan; Rüger, Stefan and Siddharthan, Advaith
Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, 8, Article 48(1)

Citizen science data reveals the need for keeping garden plant recommendations up-to-date to help pollinators (2020)
Anderson, Helen B.; Robinson, Annie; Siddharthan, Advaith; Sharma, Nirwan; Bostock, Helen; Salisbury, Andrew; Roberts, Stuart and van der Wal, René
Scientific Reports, 10, Article 20483(1)

Consensus building in on-line citizen science (2022-11-11)
Sharma, Nirwan; Colucci-Gray, Laura; van der Wal, Rene and Siddharthan, Advaith
In : 25th ACM Conference On Computer-Supported Cooperative Work And Social Computing (CSCW 2022) (08-22 Nov 2022, Online)