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Dr Nicola McIntyre

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Professional biography

Dr Nicola McIntyre  

Current roles and appointments

  • Staff tutor: School of Life, Health and Chemical Sciences
  • Module team chair (SD329)
  • Nations staff tutor (Ireland)
  • Member of STEM teaching committee
  • STEM ambassador


PhD: Neuroscience, University of Bristol (1999)

BSc Hons:  Pharmacology, University of Glasgow (1993)

Research interests


Research interests:

My PhD and post-doctoral research focused on the cellular mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity in the brain. These are the changes which take place in the brain during development and as a result of learning and forming memories.  I was particularly interested in the hippocampus which is responsible for spatial memory and the amygdala which is important for fear-based memory.


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Teaching interests

Teaching  interests:

I'm interested in how technologies can be used to faciltiate and enhance teaching in STEM subjects.  In particular how online tutorials can be designed to best support students' learning.  

Current Modules:

SD329: Signals and Perceptions; the science of the senses - module team chair

SK298: Brain, Mind and Mental Health - Author

SDK100:  Introduction to Health Sciences - lead staff tutor

S295:  The Biology of Survival - lead staff tutor





External collaborations

Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly All-Party group on STEM