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Bob or Bot: Exploring ChatGPT’s answers to University Computer Science Assessment (2023)
Richards, Mike; Waugh, Kevin; Slaymaker, Mark; Petre, Marian and Gooch, Daniel
ACM (Pre-Print)

LEFT – a web-based tool for the remote measurement and estimation of ecological value across global landscapes (2018-03)
Long, Peter R.; Benz, David; Martin, Andrew C.; Holland, Philip W. A.; Macias-Fauri, Marc; Seddon, Alistair W. R.; Hagemann, Randi; Frost, Tone K.; Simpson, Andrew; Power, David J.; Slaymaker, Mark A. and Willis, Kathy J.
Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 9(3) (pp. 571-579)

On Formalizing and Normalizing Role-Based Access Control Systems (2009-05-01)
Power, David; Slaymaker, Mark and Simpson, Andrew
The Computer Journal, 52(3) (pp. 305-325)

Evaluating A Pedagogy To Close The Gap Between Theory And Professional Practice In Masters Education (2018)
Hall, Jon. G.; Rapanotti, Lucia; Self, Steven; Slaymaker, Mark and King, David
In : 11th Annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI2018) (12-14 Nov 2018, Seville, Spain) (pp. 7586-7592)

SoNeUCON_{ABC}Pro: an access control model for social networks with translucent user provenance (2017-10)
González-Manzano, Lorena; Slaymaker, Mark; de Fuentes, José María and Vayenas, Dimitris
In : International Workshop on Applications and Techniques in Cyber Security (ATCS), 13th EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks 2017 (SecureComm). (22-25 Oct 2017)