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Dr Katie Harvey

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Professional biography

I am a Staff Tutor and Lecturer in the School of Life, Health and Chemical Sciences at The Open University (OU). I am also the Biomedical Sciences Qualification Director, a degree that will be starting at the OU soon.

Research interests

My research focusses on:

1. Determining the impact of morphokinetic parameters on embryo viability.

2. Fully characterising embryo development in a number of species of agricultural importance.

3. Improving methods for research, development, and quality control in in vitro fertilisation (IVF) practices, with an aim to develop a cell-based replacement for the mouse embryos currently used in IVF media manufacture and cryopreservation research. 

Teaching interests

 I am currently part of the S290 module team.

External collaborations

I collaborate with colleagues from the Unversities of Kent, Greenwich and Essex, and the IVF company Genea Biomedx.