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Recent Advances in Energy Harvesting from the Human Body for Biomedical Applications (2022-11-01)
Sobianin, Ihor; Psoma, Sotiria and Tourlidakis, Antonios
Energies, 15, Article 7959(21)

Computational and Experimental Investigation of Microfluidic Chamber Designs for DNA Biosensors (2022-02-14)
Psoma, Sotiria D.; Sobianin, Ihor and Tourlidakis, Antonios
Engineering Proceedings, 16, Article 16(1)

A hybrid piezoelectric and electrostatic energy harvester for scavenging arterial pulsations (2022-07-05)
Sobianin, Ihor; Psoma, Sotiria; Johnson, Jeffrey; Jowers, Iestyn and Tourlidakis, Antonios
In : 19th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologie (NN22) (5-8 Jul 2022, Thessaloniki, Greece)

A hybrid microfluidic platform for energy harvesting based on piezoelectricity and reverse electrowetting for wearable biosensors (2021)
Sobianin, Ihor; Tourlidakis, Antonios and Psoma, Sotiria
In : 31 Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors - Biosensors 2021 (26-29 Jul 2021, Online Conference (UK))