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Dr Ho Kyeom Kim

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Dr Ho-Kyeom Kim is currently Lecturer in the School of Engineering & Innovation at The Open University (OU). He was awarded his PhD from the University of Bristol in 2016 where he developed a new measurement technique for residual stress using Digital Image Correlation (DIC). In his role as PDRA at the OU (2016-2021) he worked on various research and industrial projects in the area of residual stress and structural integrity. His research centres on improving the uncertainty of residual stress measurement techniques and high temperature testing of engineering materials using optical measurement techniques.


Residual stresses in austenitic thin-walled pipe girth welds: Manufacture and measurements (2023-12)
Hosseinzadeh, Foroogh; Tafazzoli-Moghaddam, Behrooz; Kim, Ho Kyeom; Bouchard, Peter John; Akrivos, Vasileios; Vasileiou, Anastasia N. and Smith, Mike
International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 206, Article 150016

Mitigating Cutting-Induced Plasticity Errors in the Determination of Residual Stress at Cold Expanded Holes Using the Contour Method (2022)
Kim, H.K.; Carlson, S. S.; Stanfield, M. L.; Paddea, Sanjooram; Hosseinzadeh, F. and Bouchard, P. J.
Experimental Mechanics, 62 (pp. 3-18)

Correlative Optical and X‐Ray Imaging of Strain Evolution During Double-Torsion Fracture Toughness Measurements in Shale (2018-12-12)
Chandler, Michael R.; Fauchille, Anne‐Laure; Kim, Ho Kyeom; Ma, Lin; Mecklenburgh, Julian; Rizzo, Roberto; Mostafavi, Mahmoud; Marussi, Sebastian; Atwood, Robert; May, Steven; Azeem, Mohammed; Rutter, Ernie; Taylor, Kevin and Lee, Peter
JGR Solid Earth, 123(12) (pp. 10,517-10,533)