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Miss Hannah Cooper

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I have over 10 years experience in delivering and leading public engagement to a range of publics. I am the Public Engagement Officer for AstrobiologyOU, responsible for conceiving and developing content for social media and other digital outlets, school events, conferences, public debates and science festivals. Working with academics and researchers from many disciplines (including STEM disciplines, governance and social sciences), with teachers and with marketing and communications teams. Prior to AstrobiologyOU I taught students across a number of age groups at the Field Studies Council, in both classroom and field settings, and has vast experience in leading field activities. I have managed social media accounts for a number of organisations, creating content to engage with and grow audiences, and developed and managed content for a variety of websites.


Transforming astrobiology research and innovation: embedding an ethos of engaged research (2021-05-25)
Holliman, Richard; Marino, Alessandra; Berardi, Andrea; Grand, Ann; Mistry, Jay; Jafferally, Deirdre; Thomas, Raquel; Roberts, Grace; Marcus, Carol-Ann; Roopsind, Indranee; Roberts, Anthony; Davies, Sarah-Jane; Pearson, Victoria; Cooper, Hannah and Olsson-Francis, Karen
In : Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference: Time, Technology and Transformation (24-27 May 2021, Online)