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Dr Ezgi Kucukkilic-Stephens

Professional biography

I am a project officer in the AstrobiologyOU group. My current project involves molecular and metagenomic analysis of low-biomass samples from within cleanrooms related to the space missions as well as other low-biomass environments. I also assist the PDRAs and PhD students with their research.

My PhD at the University of Leicester involved an investigation of the copy number variation of complement receptor 1 (CR1) gene and its relevance to disease such as Alzheimer's and malaria.

2018-Current Project Officer, School of Environment, School of Earth and Ecosystem Science - Open University

2013-2017 PhD in Genetics, Department of Genetics and Genome Biology - University of Leicester

2011-2012 MSc in Molecular Cell Biology, Department of Science and Technology - Nottingham Trent University
Project -
Exaptation of Mammalian-Wide Interspersed Repeats

2007-2011 BSc in Genetics and Bioengineering, Faculty of Engineering - Yeditepe University

Project - Determination of Pea3 Binding Sites on NeuroD Promoter.

2006-2007 English Language School (Prep) - Yeditepe University



1) Preston, L. J., Barcenilla, R., Dartnell, L. R., Kucukkilic-Stephens, E., & Olsson-Francis, K. (2019). Infrared Spectroscopic Detection of Biosignatures at Lake Tírez, Spain: Implications for Mars. Astrobiology. doi:10.1089/ast.2019.2106

2) Kucukkilic, E., Brookes, K., Barber, I., Guetta-Baranes, T., Morgan, K., Hollox, E.J., 2018. Complement receptor 1 gene (CR1) intragenic duplication and risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Human Genetics. doi:10.1007/s00439-018-1883-2.


Infrared Spectroscopic Detection of Biosignatures at Lake Tírez, Spain: Implications for Mars (2020)
Preston, Louisa J.; Barcenilla, Rebeca; Dartnell, Lewis R.; Kucukkilic-Stephens, Ezgi and Olsson-Francis, Karen
Astrobiology, 20(2) (pp. 15-25)