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Dr David Morse

Profile summary

Professional biography

Director of Teaching, School of Computing and Communications

Senior lecturer

Research interests

My primary research interest is in biodiversity informatics, specifically in information extraction from the legacy scientific literature. The research challenges that I am investigating through these projects include:

  • Big data - the source data is the biodiversity literature. The legacy print literature in this domain has been estimated to run to 300 million pages.
  • Noisy data - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) errors introduced during the scanning process means that up to two thirds of named entities (e.g. scientific names) are rendered incorrectly; simple spell checking or look up against an authority is not sufficient to address this problem, so the context of use is very important.
  • Disambiguation - taxonomic nomenclature calls for unique names only within Kingdoms, hence there is a bacteria genus 'Bacillus' and an insect genus 'Bacillus' that need to be distinguished.
  • Domain specific terminology - the literature makes extensive use of terse language, abbreviations and special characters such as male ♂ and female ♀, and also mixes Latin formal descriptions with vernacular text. 


I am involved in the BBSRC-funded SysMIC project (Systems Training in Maths, Informatics and Computational Biology;, which has developed and is presenting distance learning courses in the fundamentals of systems biology. The project is a consortium of UCL, Birkbeck, Edinburgh and the Open University.

Teaching interests

I have worked on a number of modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level. At postgraduate level, these have included M815 and M865, both of which were on project management. At undergraduate level I have worked on the Java modules M254 Java Everywhere and M257 Putting Java to Work; and the interfaculty module on the environment, U216. At level 1, I have worked on the introductory computing modules M150 Data, computing and information, TU100 My digital life, and TM112 Introduction to Computing and Information Technology 2.

Virtual Team Working

I have chaired modules on virtual team-working and co-authored others, including M258 IT Project and Service Management, M253 Team Working in a Distributed Environment. and M891 Collaboration in virtual project teams.

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Centre for Research in Computing (CRC)CentreFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology


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agINFRA - where agriculture, biodiversity and information technology meet (2013-10)
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Liberate your historic data with The Open University (2013-09)
Morse, David and King, David
Open University

ABLE Corpus (2010-02-22)
Willis, Alistair; King, David; Morse, David; Dil, Anton; Lyal, Chris and Roberts, Dave
The Open University

ABLE Software (2010-02-22)
King, David; Willis, Alistair; Dil, Anton and Morse, David
The Open University