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After working for MSD, I started a PhD entitled 'Enhanced Prediction and Prevention of Torsades de Pointes' at Maastricht University as part of a collaboration with Astrazeneca. I was then a post-doctoral researcher at K.U. Leuven in the laboratory of Prof. Karin Sipido, and obtained my own FWO funding. 

I carried out additional postdocs in the lab of Prof. Gelsomino at Maastricht University in the Department of Cardiothoracic surgery, where I focussed on novel assist devices and atrial fibrillation, and at the University of Birmingham in the groups of Dr Davor Pavlovic and Prof Paulus Kirchhof focussing on the electrophysiology and treatment of atrial fibrillation.

I joined the Open University in January 2020 as a lecturer where i am building up my own research line focussed on both atrial and ventricular arrhythmogenesis and utiling electrophysiological and imaging techniques


What is actually preserved in HFpEF? Focus on myocyte calcium handling remodelling (2022-09-01)
Johnson, Daniel and Pavlovic, Davor
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, 170 (pp. 115-116)

Altered biophysical properties of atrial sodium channels increase flecainide effectiveness (2022-09)
Johnson, D. M; O'Brien, S.; Holmes, A.; O'Shea, C.; Kabir, S. N; O'Reilly, M.; Avezzu, A.; Reyat, J.; Hall, A.; Apicella, C.; Ellinor, P.; Niederer, S.; Tucker, N.; Fabritz, L.; Kirchhof, P. and Pavlovic, D.
Acta Physiologica, 236(S725)

Increased atrial effectiveness of flecainide conferred by altered biophysical properties of sodium channels (2022-05-01)
O' Brien, Sian; Holmes, Andrew P.; Johnson, Daniel M.; Kabir, S. Nashitha; O' Shea, Christopher; O' Reilly, Molly; Avezzu, Adelisa; Reyat, Jasmeet S.; Hall, Amelia W.; Apicella, Clara; Ellinor, Patrick T.; Niederer, Steven; Tucker, Nathan R.; Fabritz, Larissa; Kirchhof, Paulus and Pavlovic, Davor
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Neurological complications during veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: Does the configuration matter? A retrospective analysis of the ELSO database (2021)
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Critical Care, 25, Article 107(1)

Temporal irregularity quantification and mapping of optical action potentials using wave morphology similarity (2020-11)
O'Shea, Christopher; Winter, James; Holmes, Andrew P.; Johnson, Daniel M.; Correia, Joao N.; Kirchhof, Paulus; Fabritz, Larissa; Rajpoot, Kashif and Pavlovic, Davor
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, 157 (pp. 84-93)

Altered adrenergic response in myocytes bordering a chronic myocardial infarction underlies in vivo triggered activity and repolarization instability (2020-07-15)
Dries, Eef; Amoni, Matthew; Vandenberk, Bert; Johnson, Daniel M.; Gilbert, Guillaume; Nagaraju, Chandan K.; Puertas, Rosa Doñate; Abdesselem, Mouna; Santiago, Demetrio J.; Roderick, H. Llewelyn; Claus, Piet; Willems, Rik and Sipido, Karin R.
The Journal of Physiology, 598(14) (pp. 2875-2895)

Papillary muscle intervention vs mitral ring annuloplasty in ischemic mitral regurgitation (2020-03)
Micali, Linda R.; Qadrouh, Mohammad N.; Parise, Orlando; Parise, Gianmarco; Matteucci, Francesco; Jong, Monique; Tetta, Cecilia; Moula, Amalia I.; Johnson, Daniel M. and Gelsomino, Sandro
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In situ skeletonized bilateral thoracic artery for left coronary circulation: a 20-year experience (2020-01)
Bonacchi, Massimo; Prifti, Edvin; Bugetti, Marco; Cabrucci, Francesco; Cresci, Michael; Lucá, Fabiana; Parise, Orlando; Matteucci, Francesco; Sani, Guido; Johnson, Daniel M. and Gelsomino, Sandro
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Large Dual-Lumen Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Cannulas Are Associated with More Intracranial Hemorrhage (2019-09)
Mazzeffi, Michael; Kon, Zachary; Menaker, Jay; Johnson, Daniel M.; Parise, Orlando; Gelsomino, Sandro; Lorusso, Roberto and Herr, Daniel
ASAIO Journal, 65(7) (pp. 674-677)

Lymphadenectomy during pulmonary metastasectomy: Impact on survival and recurrence (2019-08-19)
Londero, Francesco; Morelli, Angelo; Parise, Orlando; Grossi, William; Crestale, Sara; Tetta, Cecilia; Johnson, Daniel M.; Livi, Ugolino; Maessen, Jos G. and Gelsomino, Sandro
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Proarrhythmic proclivity of left-stellate ganglion stimulation in a canine model of drug-induced long-QT syndrome type 1 (2019-07-01)
ter Bekke, Rachel M. A.; Moers, Annerie M. E.; de Jong, Monique M. J.; Johnson, Daniel M.; Schwartz, Peter J.; Vanoli, Emilio and Volders, Paul G. A.
International Journal of Cardiology, 286 (pp. 66-72)

Association between atrial fibrillation and Helicobacter pylori (2019-07)
Tetta, Cecilia; Moula, Amalia Ioanna; Matteucci, Francesco; Parise, Orlando; Maesen, Bart; Johnson, Daniel; La Meir, Mark and Gelsomino, Sandro
Clinical Research in Cardiology, 108(7) (pp. 730-740)

High-Throughput Analysis of Optical Mapping Data Using ElectroMap (2019-06)
O’Shea, Christopher; Holmes, Andrew P.; Yu, Ting Y.; Winter, James; Wells, Simon P.; Parker, Beth A.; Fobian, Dannie; Johnson, Daniel M.; Correia, Joao; Kirchhof, Paulus; Fabritz, Larissa; Rajpoot, Kashif and Pavlovic, Davor
Journal of Visualized Experiments, Article e59663(148)

Modified Gott shunt to avoid left ventricular overload and cerebral hypoperfusion during distal aortic arch surgery (2019-03)
Gelsomino, Sandro; Bidar, Elham; Jainandunsing, Jayant S.; Tielliu, Ignace F. J.; Lorusso, Roberto; Johnson, Daniel; Maessen, Jos G. and Natour, Ehsan
Journal of Vascular Surgery Cases and Innovative Techniques, 5(1) (pp. 65-67)

Aorto-atrial fistula formation and closure: a systematic review (2019-03)
Jainandunsing, Jayant S.; Linnemann, Ralph; Bouma, Wobbe; Natour, Nicole; Bidar, Elham; Lorusso, Roberto; Gelsomino, Sandro; Johnson, Daniel M. and Natour, Ehsan
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Aorto-atrial fistula formation and therapy (2019-03)
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Editorial: The Role of Calcium Handling in Heart Failure and Heart Failure Associated Arrhythmias (2019-01-22)
Johnson, Daniel M.; Mugelli, Alessandro and Cerbai, Elisabetta
Frontiers in Physiology, 10, Article 1

Comparison between three different equations for the estimation of glomerular filtration rate in predicting mortality after coronary artery bypass (2019)
Gelsomino, Sandro; Bonacchi, Massimo; Lucà, Fabiana; Barili, Fabio; Del Pace, Stefano; Parise, Orlando; Johnson, Daniel M. and Gulizia, Michele Massimo
BMC Nephrology, 20, Article 371

Extracellular SPARC increases cardiomyocyte contraction during health and disease (2019)
Deckx, Sophie; Johnson, Daniel M.; Rienks, Marieke; Carai, Paolo; Van Deel, Elza; Van der Velden, Jolanda; Sipido, Karin R.; Heymans, Stephane and Papageorgiou, Anna-Pia
PLOS ONE, 14, Article e0209534(4)

Continuous monitoring of membrane lung carbon dioxide removal during ECMO: experimental testing of a new volumetric capnometer (2019)
Montalti, Alice; Belliato, Mirko; Gelsomino, Sandro; Nalon, Sandro; Matteucci, Francesco; Parise, Orlando; de Jong, Monique; Makhoul, Maged; Johnson, Daniel M. and Lorusso, Roberto
Perfusion, 34(7) (pp. 538-543)

Superior mesenteric and renal flow patterns during intra‐aortic counterpulsation (2019)
Johnson, Daniel M.; Lozekoot, Pieter; Jong, Monique; Parise, Orlando; Makhoul, Maged; Matteucci, Francesco; Lucà, Fabiana; Maessen, Jos G. and Gelsomino, Sandro
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SPARC preserves endothelial glycocalyx integrity, and protects against adverse cardiac inflammation and injury during viral myocarditis (2018-12)
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Open repair of type Ia endoleak in the aortic arch: three tailored approaches (2018-11)
Gelsomino, Sandro; Bidar, Elham; Lorusso, Roberto; Johnson, Daniel M.; Maessen, Jos G. and Natour, Ehsan
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The Histidine-Rich Calcium Binding Protein in Regulation of Cardiac Rhythmicity (2018-09-27)
Arvanitis, Demetrios A.; Vafiadaki, Elizabeth; Johnson, Daniel M.; Kranias, Evangelia G. and Sanoudou, Despina
Frontiers in Physiology, 9, Article 1379

Hyperactive ryanodine receptors in human heart failure and ischaemic cardiomyopathy reside outside of couplons (2018-09-01)
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Deep sternal infections after in situ bilateral internal thoracic artery grafting for left ventricular myocardial revascularization: predictors and influence on 20-year outcomes (2018-09)
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Cardiac surgery in adult patients with remitted or active malignancies: a review of preoperative screening, surgical management and short- and long-term postoperative results (2018-07)
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Vascular complications following intra-aortic balloon pump implantation: an updated review (2018-03)
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[Editorial] Intra-aortic balloon pump: is the tide turning? (2018)
Gelsomino, Sandro; Johnson, Daniel M. and Lorusso, Roberto
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Arrhythmogenic Mechanisms in Heart Failure: Linking β-Adrenergic Stimulation, Stretch, and Calcium (2018)
Johnson, Daniel M. and Antoons, Gudrun
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A standardized approach to treat complex aortic valve endocarditis: a case series (2018)
Gomes, Anna; Jainandunsing, Jayant S.; van Assen, Sander; van Geel, Peter Paul; Sinha, Bhanu; Gelsomino, Sandro; Johnson, Daniel M. and Natour, Ehsan
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Impaired calcium homeostasis is associated with sudden cardiac death and arrhythmias in a genetic equivalent mouse model of the human HRC-Ser96Ala variant (2017-09)
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Modalities and Effects of Left Ventricle Unloading on Extracorporeal Life support: a Review of the Current Literature (2017-05)
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Calcium release near l-type calcium channels promotes beat-to-beat variability in ventricular myocytes from the chronic AV block dog (2015-12)
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Reduced Ventricular Proarrhythmic Potential of the Novel Combined Ion-Channel Blocker AZD1305 Versus Dofetilide in Dogs With Remodeled Hearts (2012-02)
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