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Dr Catherine Rolph

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Professional biography

Catherine is a Lecturer in Environmental Engineering. Her work is currently focused on the measurement and size fractionation of bioaerosols emitted from waste sources such as composting facilities. Catherine has an EngD in environmental engineering, where she worked closely with water industry partners to develop biological treatments for removing pesticides from drinking water. She also has experience in aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability testing of waste materials. Her interests include sustainable waste and water treatment.  

Externally funded projects

Emissions of Microorganisms from IndusTrial Sources (EMITS)
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Co-investigator18 Mar 201917 Oct 2021Innovate UK

Sampling for airborne microorganisms downwind of waste management and intensive farming facilities is an area that requires further research – these types of facilities are known to emit bioaerosols of health significance but currently there is a lack of information on the most appropriate sampling techniques, target microorganisms, analytical approaches and the best way in which to achieve an accurate representation of emissions from facilities which recognises their spatial and temporal nature.


Concentration and composition of bioaerosol emissions from intensive farms: Pig and poultry livestock (2020-10-15)
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Achieving drinking water compliance levels for metaldehyde with an acclimated sand bioreactor (2020-10-01)
Rolph, Catherine A.; Jefferson, Bruce; Brookes, Adam; Hassard, Francis and Villa, Raffaella
Water Research, 184, Article 116084

From full-scale biofilters to bioreactors: Engineering biological metaldehyde removal (2019-10-01)
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Scoping studies to establish the capability and utility of a real-time bioaerosol sensor to characterise emissions from environmental sources (2019-01-15)
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Metaldehyde removal from drinking water by adsorption onto filtration media: mechanisms and optimisation (2018-10-01)
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A Controlled Study on the Characterisation of Bioaerosols Emissions from Compost (2018-09-28)
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Research into the issues associated with people sleeping in waste containers (2020-02)
Gladding, Toni; Rolph, Catherine and Wright, Paul