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Dr Christian Nold

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Professional biography

Dr. Christian Nold is a researcher, artist and designer inventing and analysing new models and technologies for collective representation. He is an expert in Citizen Science, having coordinated and evaluated the EU-funded ‘Doing It Together Science' project and worked on the 'EveryAware' and 'EU.Citizen-Science' projects. He has written numerous books and journal papers including ‘Emotional Cartography: Technologies of the Self’ and 'The Internet of People for a Post-Oil World' and given keynotes and public lectures across the world. In the last decades he created large-scale public projects such as the widely acclaimed 'Bio Mapping', 'Emotion Mapping' and ‘Bijlmer Euro’ that have been staged with thousands of participants across sixteen countries. Before joining the Open University he was a Research Fellow at the Social Design Institute (UAL) and a researcher in the Extreme Citizen Science group (UCL).

Research interests

Focused on combining Science and Technology Studies (STS) with design to move beyond a focus on either humans or technogies as seperate things. Particuarly trying to articulate 'Practice-based Ontological Design' as a way for designers to directly intervene in creating new realities. Also trying to make links with the established dialogue around Citizen Sciene to demonstrate alternative pratices focused on care (Mol 2008).