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Analytics for Tracking Student Engagement (2020-12-02)
Gardner, Christine; Jones, Allan and Jefferis, Helen
Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2020, Article 22(1)

Analytics for tracking student engagement (2019)
Gardner, Christine; Jefferis, Helen and Jones, Allan
In : OOFHEC2019: the Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference (16-18 Oct 2019, Madrid) (pp. 15-24)

Supporting Degree Apprenticeship students: Tutors’ and Students’ perspectives (2019)
Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Soraya and Gardner, Christine
In : Advance HE STEM Conference 2019, Delivering Next Generation Higher Education in STEM (30-31 Jan 2019, Birmingham)

Evaluating web connectivity for adult distance learners – Facebook or forums? (2014-10-27)
Gardner, Christine
In : Eighth EDEN Research Workshop - EDENRW8 (27-28 Oct 2014, Oxford)

Simulating inclusivity, broadening perspectives (2013)
Shield, Lesley and Gardner, Christine
In : EDEN 2013 Annual Conference 'The joy of learning' (12-15 Jun 2013, Oslo)