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Evaluation of the performance of the CCD236 swept charge devices in lunar orbit using in-flight data (2022)
Jones, L.S.; Crews, C.; Endicott, J. and Holland, A.D.
Journal of Instrumentation, 17(7)

Determination of ingredients in packaged pharmaceutical tablets by energy dispersive X‐ray diffraction and maximum likelihood principal component analysis multivariate curve resolution‐alternating least squares with correlation constraint (2021-04)
Kenny, Peter S.; Crews, Chiaki; Fearn, Tom and Speller, Robert D.
Journal of Chemometrics, 35, Article e3329(4)

Multivariate calibration of energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction data for predicting the composition of pharmaceutical tablets in packaging (2018-03-20)
Crews, Chiaki; Kenny, Peter S.; O’Flynn, Daniel and Speller, Robert D.
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 151 (pp. 186-193)

miniPixD: a compact sample analysis system which combines X-ray imaging and diffraction (2017-02)
Moss, Robert; Crews, Chiaki; Wilson, Matthew and Speller, Robert
Journal of Instrumentation, 12, Article P02001

Correlation of X-ray diffraction signatures of breast tissue and their histopathological classification (2017)
Moss, Robert M.; Amin, Amany S.; Crews, Chiaki; Purdie, Colin A.; Jordan, Lee B.; Iacoviello, Francesco; Evans, Andrew; Speller, Robert D. and Vinnicombe, Sarah J.
Scientific reports, 7, Article 12998(1)

Materials identification using a small-scale pixellated x-ray diffraction system (2016-04-01)
O’Flynn, D.; Crews, C.; Drakos, I.; Christodoulou, C.; Wilson, M. D.; Veale, M. C.; Seller, P. and Speller, R. D.
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49, Article 175304(17)

Evaluation of sensors for the detection of energy resolved very soft x-ray fluorescence (2022-08-29)
Jones, Lawrence S.; Crews, Chiaki; Soman, Matthew; Ivory, James and Holland, Andrew D.
In : SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation (17 Jul - 22 Jul 2022, Montreal)

Quantum efficiency of the CIS115 in a radiation environment (2020)
Crews, Chiaki; Soman, Matthew; Allanwood, Edgar; Stefanov, Konstantin; Leese, Mark; Turner, Peter and Holland, Andrew
In : X-Ray, Optical, and Infrared Detectors for Astronomy IX (14-18 Dec 2020, Online)

Calibrating Teledyne-e2v’s ultraviolet image sensor quantum efficiency processes (2020)
Heymes, Julian; Soman, Matthew; Buggey, Thomas; Crews, Chiaki; Randall, George; Gottwald, Alexander; Harris, Andrew; Kelt, Andrew; Kroth, Udo; Moody, Ian; Meng, Xiao; Ogor, Oskar and Holland, Andrew
In : SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2020 (14-18 Dec 2020, Online only) (p 58)

Predicting the effect of radiation damage on dark current in a space-qualified high performance CMOS image sensor (2019)
Crews, C.; Soman, M. R.; Lofthouse-Smith, D. D.; Allanwood, E. A. H.; Stefanov, K. D.; Leese, M.; Turner, P. and Holland, A.
In : 21st International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors (7-12 Jul 2019, Crete, Greece) (C11008-C11008)

X-ray backscatter sensing of defects in carbon fibre composite materials (2017-06-16)
O'Flynn, Daniel; Crews, Chiaki; Fox, Nicholas; Allen, Brian P.; Sammons, Mark and Speller, Robert D.
In : SPIE Commercial + Scientific Sensing and Imaging (09-13 Apr 2017, Anaheim, CA)

Quantitative energy-dispersive x-ray diffraction for identification of counterfeit medicines: a preliminary study (2015-06-03)
Crews, Chiaki C. E.; O'Flynn, Daniel; Speller, Robert D. and Sidebottom, Aiden
In : SPIE Sensing Technology + Applications (20-24 Apr 2015, Baltimore, MD)