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Dr Alison Halton

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am Project Officer in the Ar lab in the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and am reposonsible for the day to day operation and activity of the Argon-Argon and Noble Gas Research Laboratory and for managing the external work undertaken by the laboratory.

My research has been largely focused on the Ar/Ar dating of basalts, initally focusing on the Faroe Islands, where Paleocene-Eocene basalts are associated with the North Atlantic Large Igneous Province and the initial opening of the North Atlantic Ocean and more recently, basalts (and other volcanic rocks) from all over world. I am currently involved in a wide range of research on going in the lab, including insitu Ar/Ar studies on samples from various metamorphic terranes and noble gas research on young volcanic materials as well as in the development of new techniques and applications of the laser based Ar dating and noble gas research taking place at the Open University.

I am radiation protection supervisor for work undertaken in the Gass and Wolfson Buildings on campus and for work using the portable XRF equipment and in 2019 completed a Nebosh General Certificate in Occupational Heath and Safety.

Research interests

PhD Student Supervision

Simone Cogliati: Completed 2019

Eleni Wood: Completed 2019

Previous Research

  • 2011 – 2013: Project Officer The Open University, Timing of volcanism and intrusive activity in and around the Faroe Islands
  • PhD 2011, The Open University “PhD: Paleocene-Eocene Time-Stratigraphic Calibration in the North Atlantic Igneous Province with Focus on the Faroes-Shetland Basin Area”


Allanite U–Pb dating places new constraints on the high‐pressure to high‐temperature evolution of the deep Himalayan crust (2024)
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Evidence for long-lived (>100 Myr) continental intraplate volcanism: Mongolia since the last ocean closure (2024)
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Tracking the behaviour of persistently degassing volcanoes using noble gas analysis of Pele's hairs and tears: A case study of the Masaya volcano (Nicaragua) (2021-06)
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Structural and metamorphic inheritance controls strain partitioning during orogenic shortening (Kalak Nappe Complex, Norwegian Caledonides) (2020-07)
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Oligocene deformation of the Chuandian terrane in the SE margin of the Tibetan Plateau related to the extrusion of Indochina (2020-06-27)
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Simultaneous and extensive removal of the East Asian lithospheric root (2020-03-05)
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Geochronology of volcanically associated hydrocarbon charge in the pre-salt carbonates of the Namibe Basin, Angola (2020)
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The lawsonite-glaucophane blueschists of Elba Island (Italy) (2019-12-01)
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Evidence for southward subduction of the Mongol-Okhotsk oceanic plate: Implications from Mesozoic adakitic lavas from Mongolia (2019-09-06)
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Noble gas behaviour in pumice: Implications for volcanic degassing (2020)
Cogliati, Simone; Sherlock, Sarah; Halton, Alison and Barry, Tiffany
In : Goldschmidt 2020 (21 Jun - 26 Jun 2020, Online)

Understanding the degassing of young volcanic systems using noble gases (2017)
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Cogliati, Simone; Sherlock, Sarah; Halton, Alison; Reid, Kerry; Barry, Tiffany; Branney, Mike and Kelley, Simon
In : IAVCEI - 2017 (14-18 Aug 2017, Portland - Oregon (US))

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In : Geological Society America 125th Anniversary Annual Meeting (27-30 Oct 2013, Denver)

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