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Dr Anthony Lucas-Smith

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Control and embedded intelligence (2002-12)
Lucas-Smith, Anthony
In: Wiese, Paul and John, Phillip eds. Engineering design in the multi-discipline era: a systems approach (pp. 67-83)
ISBN : 1860583474 | Publisher : Professional Engineering Publishing Limited | Published : UK

Scope and focus in engineering design research: distance learning experience at masters level compared with ICED 99 interests (2001-08-22)
Lucas-Smith, Anthony
In : 13th international conference on engineering design. Proceedings: design applications in industry and education (21-23 Aug 2001, Glasgow, Scotland)

E-learning – Who? What? Where? (2001-05)
Lucas-Smith, Anthony
In : 10th International Seminar: Scientific-technical information in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (9-11 May 2001, Zakopane, Poland)