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Mrs Vibha Levin Prabhu

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My PhD research is on 'Microwave Processing of lunar soil to build 3D printed structures on the Moon'

Research interests

  • Space Architecture
  • In-situ Resource utilization on planetary bodies like Moon and Mars
  • Interaction of microwave energy with extra-terrestrial materials


Investigating the microwave heating behaviour of lunar soil simulant JSC-1A at different input powers (2021-01-22)
Lim, Sungwoo; Bowen, James; Degli Alessandrini, Giulia; Anand, Mahesh; Cowley, Aidan and Vibha, Vibha
Scientific reports, 11, Article 2133 (2021)

Extra-terrestrial construction processes - advancements, opportunities and challenges (2017-10-01)
Lim, Sungwoo; Levin Prabhu, Vibha; Anand, Mahesh and Taylor, Lawrence
Advances in Space Research, 60(7) (pp. 1413-1429)

Microwave processing of lunar soil for supporting longer-term surface exploration on the Moon (2016-08)
Srivastava, Vibha; Lim, Sungwoo and Anand, Mahesh
Space Policy, 37(2) (pp. 92-96)

Investigation of micro-textures and strengths of microwave heated samples of lunar simulant JSC-1A under different input powers (2020-05-12)
Lim, S.; Bowen, J.; Anand, M.; Degli-Alessandrini, G.; Levin Prabhu, V.; Morse, A.D. and Cowley, Aidan
In : European Lunar Symposium (ELS) 2020 (12-14 May 2020, Virtual)

Numerical modelling of microwave sintering of lunar simulants under near lunar atmospheric condition (2018-05-14)
Lim, S.; Levin Prabhu, V.; Anand, M.; Bowen, J.; Morse, A. and Holland, A.
In : European Lunar Symposium (ELS) 2018 (13-16 May 2018, Toulouse, France)

Microwave Heating of Lunar Simulants JSC-1A and NU-LHT-3M: Experimental And Theoretical Analysis (2018-05-14)
Prabhu, V. L.; Lim, S.; Bowen, J.; Cowley, A.; Katrib, J.; Dodds, C. and Anand, M.
In : European Lunar Symposium (ELS) (13-16 May 2018, Toulouse, France)