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Mr Vincent Rennie

Vincent Rennie in Dallol

Profile summary

Professional biography

Vincent attended Edinburgh University and recieved a HBSc degree in Evolutionary Biology in July 2017. He has worked on multiple international collaborative research projects including the NASA PSTAR-funded project, FELDSPAR. 

Research interests

Vincent is currently working on a project that aims to better understand the biogeochemistry of hydrothermal environmnts. With this work, he aims to investigate how microbes in these environments cope with multiple, independent and co-varying physiochemical extemes (temperature, salinity, acidity, UV radiation) to which they have adapted. Understanding these microbial commuities is key to understaning the limits of life on Earth and may shed light on the metabolism of emergent life on Earth as hydrothermal environments have been hypothesized to be a potential environment in which life my have originated.

Impact and engagement

Vincent is passionate about science communication and involving the general public in science. In February 2017, he organized a three-day interactive symposium on the challenges of colonizing Mars. This symposium recieved the reward for "Most Impactful" at the Creative Learning Festival awards ceremony.

External collaborations

Vincent has a number of external collaborations and is continuing to build his international network. He has several strong links with US institutions such as the Goergia Institute for Technology and JPL. Additionally, he works closely with Dr. Jessica Flahaut at CNRS Nancy.

He is currently a part of the FELDPAR tem and has also started a small European collaboration with Jessica Flahaut called the Mars Analogue Fumaroles Interdisciplinary Collaboration (MAFIC) which has carried out feild campaigns in both the Azores and the Atacama Desert in Chile.


Preferably Plinian and Pumaceous: Implications of Microbial Activity in Modern Volcanic Deposits at Askja Volcano, Iceland, and Relevancy for Mars Exploration (2020-09-17)
Rader, Erika; Simpson, Anna; Amador, Elena; Fraser, Julia M.; Holtzen, Samuel; Hanna, Ashley; Cable, Morgan L.; Cullen, Thomas; Duca, Zach; Gentry, Diana; Murukesan, Gayathri; Rennie, Vincent; Stevens, Adam H.; Sutton, Scot; Tan, George; Cullen, David; Geppert, Wolf and Stockton, Amanda
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 4(9) (pp. 1500-1514)