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Kinetics of molecular decomposition under irradiation of gold nanoparticles with nanosecond laser pulses—A 5-Bromouracil case study (2020)
Marques, Telma S.; Schürmann, Robin; Ebel, Kenny; Heck, Christian; Śmiałek, Małgorzata A.; Eden, Sam; Mason, Nigel and Bald, Ilko
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 152, Article 124712(12)

Decomposition of halogenated nucleobases by surface plasmon resonance excitation of gold nanoparticles (2020)
Marques, Telma S.; Śmiałek, Małgorzata A.; Schürmann, Robin; Bald, Ilko; Raposo, Maria; Eden, Sam and Mason, Nigel J.
The European Physical Journal D, 74, Article 222(11)