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Chlorine and hydrogen in brecciated lunar meteorites: implications for lunar volatile history (2021-02-05)
Hayden, T. S.; Barrett, T. J.; Zhao, X.; Degli Alessandrini, G.; Anand, M. and Franchi, I. A.
In : 52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2021 (15-19 Mar 2021, Virtual)

Chlorine in Brecciated Lunar Meteorite Nwa 12593: Implications for Lunar Volatile History (2020)
Hayden, Tara; Barrett, Thomas; Zhao, Xuchao; Anand, Mahesh; Degli Alessandrini, Giulia and Franchi, Ian
In : European Lunar Symposium 2020 (12/05/20-14/05/20, Virtual)