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Mrs Suchetha Nambanoor Kunnath

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Overview of the 2021 SDP 3C Citation Context Classification Shared Task (2021-06-10)
Kunnath, Suchetha N.; Pride, David; Herrmannova, Drahomira and Knoth, Petr
In : Second Workshop on Scholarly Document Processing (SDP) (10 Jun 2021, Mexico City, Mexico) (pp. 137-145)

Overview of the 2020 WOSP 3C Citation Context Classification Task (2020)
Kunnath, Suchetha N.; Pride, David; Gyawali, Bikash and Knoth, Petr
In : Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications (05 Aug 2020, Wuhan, China) (pp. 75-83)