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Ms Sonia Garcia Alcega

Dr Sonia García-Alcega

Profile summary

Professional biography

Dr Sonia Garcia Alcega works in the Department of Physical Sciences at The Open University.  Sonia completed her PhD in Environmental Toxicology at the University of Reading. Before joining the OU, Sonia worked as a postdoc at Cranfield University on the chemical fingerprint of bioaerosols from rural, urban and industrial environments. Currently she is working developing methods for characterising complex samples by Gas Chromatography techniques. She is involved in very distinct  SPRINT projects ranging from the characterisation of alcoholic drinks such as beer, whisky, counterfeit or new makes,  to the early detection of Campylobacter in chicken farms, early detection of fungi in avocados or detection of parasites in beehives. Sonia has contributed to +10 scientific publications, 1 book chapter and several presentations at international conferences.

Research interests

  • Environmental Science
  • Emerging pollutants
  • Analytical Chemistry

Teaching interests

  • Online teaching
  • Teaching in Higher Education