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Mr Robert Seidel

Profile summary

Professional biography

A geologist by training, I joined the Open University’s AstrobiologyOU research group in 2017. For my PhD I am looking at hydrothermal systems on Mars. I am interested whether such systems could have supported life on early Mars, and in particular, how conditions suitable for life can be reconstructed from the hydrothermal mineral record, with implications for future rover missions.

2009-2013: Undergraduate degree in geology at Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Germany.

2013-2016: Graduate degree in geology at Christian-Albrechts University and Geomar Kiel, Germany.

Since 2017: PhD program in space science at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.


Research interests

Magmatic & metamorphic petrology



Martian fluid systems & habitability


New simulants for martian regolith: Controlling iron variability (2019-12)
Ramkissoon, Nisha K.; Pearson, Victoria K.; Schwenzer, Susanne P.; Schröder, Christian; Kirnbauer, Thomas; Wood, Deborah; Seidel, Robert G. W.; Miller, Michael A. and Olsson-Francis, Karen
Planetary and Space Science, 179, Article 104722

Martian fluids and their evaporation products – an overview using thermochemical modelling (2020)
Schwenzer, Susanne; Bridges, John; Turner, Stuart; Ramkissoon, Nisha; Cogliati, Simone; Seidel, Robert; Reed, Mark; Filiberto, Justin; Vaniman, D. and Olsson-Francis, Karen
In : 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (16-18 Mar 2020)

The Frankenstein Gabbro (Odenwald, Germany): A New Analogue for Martian Hydrothermal Systems (2019-03-18)
Seidel, Robert; Bridges, John; Kirnbauer, Thomas; Sherlock, Sarah and Schwenzer, Susanne
In : Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2019 (18-22 Mar 2019, Houston, Texas, USA)

Identification of Primary Tephra Layers on the SW Icelandic Shelf (2018-01-05)
Seidel, Robert G. W.; Bonanati, Christina and Wehrmann, Heidi
In : Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group Meeting (VMSG 2018) (3-5 Jan 2018, Leeds)

Fractionated Martian Atmosphere – the Case of the Nakhlites, Revisited with Experiments (2018)
Schwenzer, S. P.; Ott, U.; Hicks, L. J.; Bridges, J. C.; Filiberto, J.; Bart, G. D.; Swindle, T. D.; Miller, M. A.; Treiman, A. H.; Crowther, S. A.; Gilmour, J. D.; Herrmann, S.; Mohapatra, R.; Seidel, R.; Kelley, S. P.; Bullock, M. A.; Chaves, C.; Smith, H. and Moore, J. M.
In : 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (19-23 Mar 2018, The Woodlands, Houston, Texas, USA)

Hydrothermal alteration in the Frankenstein gabbro Martian analogue: first models
Seidel, R. G. W.; Sherlock, S. C.; Schwenzer, S. P.; Bridges, J. C. and Kirnbauer, T.
In : 2nd British Planetary Science Conference (13-15 Jan 2020, Oxford, UK)