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Mr Praveen Karebasannanavar

Praveen K R, Praveen Jain, Praveen Karebasar

Profile summary

Professional biography

Mr. Praveen K R, PhD Student

Karebasannanavar Ramachandrappa (K R) shortened as Karebasar.

Praveen is in third year of his PhD. His research work is focussed on Advancing the Contour Method for the Measurement of Residual Stress in Polymer Composites. Supervised by Dr. Foroogh Hosseinzadeh, Prof. John Bouchard, Dr. Sanjooram Paddea and Dr. Fabien Lefebvre.

Praveen graduated from NIT Patna, India with a master’s degree in Structural Engineering (2015) and completed his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (2013). During his masters, he started his research work on Structural Integrity Assessment particularly in bridges. In collaboration with Deutsche Bahn Engineering Consultants, University of Parma and DHIO Research and Engineering Private Limited, he implemented critical plane approach of assessing multiaxial fatigue in railway steel bridges.

He has 3.5 years of experience in Design Engineering and Construction Management worked in Agami Engineering Consultants - Mumbai, CDM Smith India Private Limited - Bangalore, Sikkim and Mizoram in India. He is also a professional fine artist and recently elected as a member of Buckinghamshire Art Society - England. To check out his artworks follow the link of his website and instagram profile provided in web links.


1) British Soceity of Strain Measurement

2) Milton Keynes Socety of Artists - Exhibition Secretary

3) Society for Failure Analysis - Bangalore Chapter

4) Elected member of Buckinghamshire Art Society

Research interests

Structural Integrity Assessment, specifically

  1. Fatigue design and analysis
  2. Residual stress measurement also
  3. Structural deisgn and analysis

Impact and engagement

The crux of uncertainty and conservatism of Structural Integrity Assessment lies in the value of residual stress and fracture toughness used in the design analysis. As the consequences of fatigue failure are often catastrophic and sometimes dramatic, generally, high tensile residual stresses up to the yield strength are assumed to provide conservative results. In some cases, however, results are over-conservative and therefore, effort should be focused on gaining insight about the real stress states in the component, the damage mechanisms involved (fracture, fatigue, corrosion, creep, etc.) and their interaction, to extend the life of assets and to reduce the level of expenditure without sacrificing safety. 

His PhD research work involves investigating the unified approach to characterise the residual stress and identify new manufacturing process that introduces beneficial residual stress in composite structures using contour method at the Stress Map laboratory of The Open University - Milton Keynes.

External collaborations

His PhD work is funded by Technical Center of Mechanical Industries, CETIM - France.


  1. University of Parma - Italy
  2. National Institute of Technology - Patna, India
  3. Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee, India
  4. Indian Institute of Science - India
  5. Bangalore Institute of Technology - India
  6. Deutsche Bahn Engineering and Consulting GmbH
  7. CDM Smith India Private Limited
  8. AGAMI Engineering Consultants



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