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Dr Neil Simpkins

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I scratch and sense but can I program? An investigation of learning with a block based programming language (2014-07)
Simpkins, Neil
International Journal of Information Communication and Technology, 10, Article 7(3) (pp. 87-116)

Developing server-side infrastructure for large-scale e-learning of web technology (2010)
Simpkins, Neil
International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, 8(1) (pp. 54-68)

Chart parsing in Prolog (1990-08)
Simpkins, Neil and Hancox, Peter
New Generation Computing, 8(2) (pp. 113-138)

Social negotiations in web usability engineering (2013)
Martin, Ian; Kear, Karen; Simpkins, Neil and Busvine, John
In: Garcia-Ruiz, Miguel A. ed. Cases on Usability Engineering: Design and Development of Digital Products (pp. 26-56)
Publisher : IGI Global

Large-scale server-side infrastructure for e-learning: development, design and experiences (2011-12-03)
Simpkins, Neil
In: Jin, Qun ed. Intelligent Learning Systems and Advancements in Computer-Aided Instruction: Emerging Studies (pp. 250-267)
ISBN : 9781613504833 | Publisher : IGI Global

Language engineering - a champion for European culture (1996-10)
Diver, J.; Simpkins, N.; Banus, E. and Elio, B.
In : ACTAS DEL CONGRESO CULTURA EUROPEA; Cultura Europea (23-26 Oct 1996, Pamplona)

ALEP (Advanced Language Engineering Platform): an open architecture for language engineering (1994)
Simpkins, N. K.
In : Proceedings of the Linguistic Engineering Convention (6-7 Jul 1994, CNIT la Defense, Paris)

Towards a portable platform for language research and engineering (1993)
Meylemans, Paul and Simpkins, Neil
In : 13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems and Natural Language (24-28 May 1993, Avignon, France)

The ALEP platform for language research and engineering (1993)
Simpkins, N. K.; Groenendijk, M. and Meylemans, P.
In : EAGLES Workshop on Implemented Formalisms (1-3 Mar 1993, DFKI, Saarbruken, Germany)