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Mr Maxim Lamirande

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am a Ph.D. researcher at the Open University looking into Inclusive Design in Practice through the STEM funded studentship "Inclusive Design of Buildings Spaces and Artefacts". My research is grounded in qualitative research and team based design practice. I have first class degrees in design from the University of Montréal School of Design; a Bachelor of Industrial Design and Masters of Applied Sciences in Design and Complexity. 

I have worked on projects Internationally in assistive technologies such as prosthetics and orthotics with the goal of improving the quality of life of mobility-impaired citizens. I have worked as a researcher for the GRAD research group who are currently #4 in Red Dot's American and European Universities, and represented them in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. I have also helped in the design of curriculums, assisted in lectures, and evaluated projects as a jury member across all four years of study at the Universty of Montréal Bachelor of Design. 

Teaching interests

Design and Product Development, Methodology in Design, Ethnography in Design, 2D and 3D Expression, Textiles in Product Design, Material Culture.


Aspects of Designing Inclusively from Practitioner Perspectives (2022-07-18)
Lamirande, Maxim
Architecture, 2(3) (pp. 497-517)

Notions of designing inclusively from practitioner perspectives (2022-06-25)
Lamirande, Maxim; Alexiou, Katerina and Luck, Rachael
In : DRS2022 (5 Jun - 3 Jul 2022, Bilbao, Spain)