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Mr Chris Valentine

Profile summary

Research interests

Citizen science, remote learning, photo and video blogging, renewable energy.


Towards the Temporal Streaming of Graph Data on Distributed Ledgers (2017-11-08)
Third, Allan; Tiddi, Ilaria; Bastianelli, Emanuele; Valentine, Chris and Domingue, John
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 10577 (pp. 327-332)

Shifting interests: changes in the lexical semantics of ED-MEDIA (2010-10)
Wild, Fridolin; Valentine, Chris and Scott, Peter
International Journal on E-Learning, 9(4) (pp. 549-562)

Mobile blogs in language learning: making the most of informal and situated learning opportunities (2009-01)
Comas-Quinn, Anna; Mardomingo, Raquel and Valentine, Chris
ReCALL, 21(1) (pp. 96-112)

A Framework for Handling Internet of Things Data with Confidentiality and Blockchain Support (2020)
Ramachandran, Manoharan; Chowdhury, Niaz; Third, Allan; Jan, Zeeshan; Valentine, Chris and Domingue, John
In : IoT4Safe, in conj. with Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) 2020 (31 May - 1 Jun, Heraklion, Greece)

Broadcasting from the field: enabling student-led investigations by distance (2020)
Cooke, Julia; Wheeler, Philip; Maseyk, Kadmiel; Davies, Sarah-Jane; Collins, Trevor; Bradshaw, Kate; Hawkridge, Ben; Valentine, Chris and Morgan, Gwyneth
In : Enhancing Fieldwork Learning 2020 (8 Sep 2020, Online, United Kingdom)

The Open University-NASA Apollo Virtual Microscope – a tool for Education and Outreach (2011-03)
Kelley, Simon; Tindle, Andrew; Anand, Mahesh; Whalley, Peter; Hogan, Paul; Valentine, Chris; Pillinger, Colin; Gibson, Everett and Schwenzer, Susanne
In : 42th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (7-11 Mar 2011, Houston, TX, USA)

Semantic annotation and linking of medical educational resources (2011)
Dovrolis, Nikolas; Stefanut, Teodor; Dietze, Stefan; Yu, Hong Qing; Valentine, Chris and Kaldoudi, Eleni
In : 5th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE MBEC) (14-18 Sep 2011, Budapest, Hungary)

Enabling remote activity: using mobile technology for remote participation in geoscience fieldwork (2010)
Davies, Sarah-Jane; Collins, Trevor; Gaved, Mark; Bartlett, Jessica; Valentine, Chris and McCann, Lewis
In : Proc. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2010 (EGU 2010) (02-07 May 2010, Vienna, Austria)

ERA: On-the-fly networking for collaborative geology fieldwork (2008)
Gaved, Mark; Collins, Trevor; Bartlett, Jessica; Davies, Sarah-Jane; Valentine, Chris; McCann, Lewis and Wright, Michelle
In : mLearn 2008 'The bridge from text to context' (8-10 Oct 2008, Wolverhampton, UK)