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Dying to cooperate: the role of environmental harshness in human collaboration (2022-01)
Ibbotson, Paul; Jimenez-Romero, Cristian and Page, Karen M.
Behavioral Ecology, 33(1) (pp. 190-201)

SpikingLab: modelling agents controlled by Spiking Neural Networks in Netlogo (2017)
Jimenez-Romero, Cristian and Johnson, Jeffrey
Neural Computing and Applications, 28(Suppl 1) (pp. 755-764)

Hypernetwork-based peer marking for scalable certificated mass education (2014-09)
Johnson, Jeffrey; Jimenez-Romero, Cristian; Rodrigues, David and Bromley, Jane M.
In : European Conference on Complex Systems 2014 (22-26 Sep 2014, Lucca, Italy)

Peer assessment in architecture education (2014-09)
Teixeira de Sampayo, Mafalda; Sousa-Rodrigues, David; Jimenez-Romero, Cristian and Johnson, Jeffrey
In : 14th International Conference on Technology, Policy and Innovation (9-12 Sep 2014, Brno, Czech Republic)

Machine and social intelligent peer-assessment systems for assessing large student populations in massive open online education (2013-11-02)
Jimenez-Romero, Cristian; Johnson, Jeffrey and De Castro, Ricardo
In : 12th European Conference on e-Learning ECEL-2013 (30-31 Oct 2013, Sophia Antipolis, France) (pp. 598-607)

A Heterosynaptic Spiking Neural System for the Development of Autonomous Agents (2017-02-23)
Jimenez-Romero, Cristian
PhD thesis The Open University