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Dr Christine Pearson

Profile summary

Professional biography

Christine is a graduate of Somerville College, Oxford and Nottingham University. She has worked in industry and adult education and has had a long involvement with the Open University as an associate lecturer, teaching on undergraduate science and technology modules. As a Staff Tutor she manages ALs on the environment and engineering programmes.

Research interests

Scholarship interests: Learning and teaching and retention issues.  Christine was Director of the Level 1 Retention Review for the MCT Faculty.

Teaching interests

Christine has interests in plant and soil science, agriculture and waste management.  Christine is a Senior Lecturer and has chaired T172 Working with our environment and U116 Journey’s through a changing world where she was active in designing the assessment for the module.  She is Deputy Chair of the production of the second edition of the latter and is co-authoring on the agriculture section of ‘Changing China’.  She has also been a qualification lead for Q72.