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Mr Ross Findlay

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am undertaking a PhD entitled Unravelling the secrets of the early Solar System through laboratory investigations of regolith from a C-type asteroid.

I study low temperature alteration in CM chondrites with a particular focus on complex mixed breccias. My work seeks to better to understand the distribution and provenance of different lithologies in primitive meteorites and apply this data to unravel the aqueous, thermal and geological history on C-type asteroids. I am developing a small-scale extraction technique to microsample individual lithologies and analyse their oxygen isotope composition on the bespoke fluorination line at the OU. 

Prior to starting at the OU I was a undergraduate and research postgraduate in geology at the University of Durham. 

Research interests

  • Application of oxygen isotopes to trace low temperature alteration phenomena in carbonaceous chondrites (laser fluorination and NanoSIMS)
  • The petrography and distribution of lithologies in primitive meteorites
  • Developing techniques to improve high precision oxygen isotope measurements of hydrous samples.