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Mr Vikram Mehta

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I am a full-time Research Engineer and a PhD student at the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK. My expertise resides in the area of User Research, Intreraction Design, Design Thinking and Tangible Computing. Currently, I am exploring, designing, building and evaluating tangible interactions to enable end-users manage their privacy and digital health in an engaging, effective and seamless manner.

Teaching interests

Interaction Design and UX

Design Thinking

Artificial Intelligence

Impact and engagement

  • 11 ACM conference/journal publications (CHI, TEI, UbiComp, IMWUT).
  • Privacy Band prototype demo recorded by AlFi media, for Open University’s bachelor module on      Communication and Information Technologies.
  • Winner for the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) 2017 Innovation Awards in the Cyber Security category for "Privacy Band: On-body Privacy Warnings and Controls". 
  • Pending UK patent no. GB2549991 on Methods, devices and systems for controlling access to data.


Tangible Interactions for Privacy Management (2019-03-17)
Mehta, Vikram
Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI '19) (pp. 723-726)

Logging you, Logging me: A Replicable Study of Privacy and Sharing Behaviour in Groups of Visual Lifeloggers (2017-06-30)
Price, Blaine A.; Stuart, Avelie; Calikli, Gul; Mccormick, Ciaran; Mehta, Vikram; Hutton, Luke; Bandara, Arosha K.; Levine, Mark and Nuseibeh, Bashar
Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive Mobile Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies, 1, Article 22(2)

How are you feeling? Using Tangibles to Log the Emotions of Older Adults (2020-02)
Gooch, Daniel; Mehta, Vikram; Price, Blaine; Mccormick, Ciaran; Bandara, Arosha; Bennaceur, Amel; Bennasar, Mohamed; Stuart, Avelie; Clare, Linda; Levine, Mark; Cohen, Jessica and Nuseibeh, Bashar
In : Fourteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI ’20) (9-12 Feb 2020, Sydney, Australia) (pp. 31-43)

A Sensor Platform for Non-invasive Remote Monitoring of Older Adults in Real Time (2019)
Bennasar, Mohamed; Mccormick, Ciaran; Price, Blaine; Gooch, Daniel; Stuart, Avelie; Mehta, Vikram; Clare, Linda; Bennaceur, Amel; Cohen, Jessica; Bandara, Arosha; Levine, Mark and Nuseibeh, Bashar
In : Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare Systems, and Multimedia (Jun 2019) (pp. 125-135)

Feel My Pain: Design and Evaluation of Painpad, a Tangible Device for Supporting Inpatient Self-Logging of Pain (2018-04-21)
Price, Blaine; Kelly, Ryan; Mehta, Vikram; Mccormick, Ciaran; Ahmed, Hanad and Pearce, Oliver
In : CHI 2018: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (21-26 Apr 2018, Montreal, QC, Canada)

Wearables for Physical Privacy (2016-09-12)
Mehta, Vikram; Price, Blaine; Bandara, Arosha and Nuseibeh, Bashar
In : UbiComp 2016 (12-16 Sep 2016, Heidelberg, Germany)

Privacy Itch and Scratch: On Body Privacy Warnings and Controls (2016-05-07)
Mehta, Vikram; Bandara, Arosha; Price, Blaine and Nuseibeh, Bashar
In : ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (7-12 May 2016, San Jose, CA)