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Mr Sagar Uprety

Profile summary

  • Research Staff
  • Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Computing & Communications
  • sagar.uprety


Modelling Dynamic Interactions Between Relevance Dimensions (2019)
Uprety, Sagar; Dehdashti, Shahram; Fell, Lauren; Bruza, Peter and Song, Dawei
In : 2019 ACM SIGIR International Conference on Theory of Information Retrieval (2-5 Oct, Santa Clara, USA) (pp. 35-42)
Investigating Order Effects in Multidimensional Relevance Judgment using Query Logs (2018-09-10)
Uprety, Sagar and Song, Dawei
In : 2018 ACM SIGIR International Conference on Theory of Information Retrieval (14-17 Sep 2018, Tianjin, China) (pp. 191-194)
Quantum-inspired Complex Word Embedding (2018-07-20)
Li, Qiuchi; Uprety, Sagar; Wang, Benyou and Song, Dawei
In : Third Workshop on Representation Learning for NLP (20 Jul 2018, Melbourne, Australia) (pp. 50-57)
Investigating Bell Inequalities for Multidimensional Relevance Judgments in Information Retrieval (2018-07-11)
Uprety, Sagar; Gkoumas, Dimitrios and Song, Dawei
In : 11th International Conference on Quantum Interaction (QI 2018) (3-5 Sep 2018, Nice, France)
Modeling Multidimensional User Relevance in IR using Vector Spaces (2018)
Uprety, Sagar; Su, Yi; Song, Dawei and Li, Jingfei
In : SIGIR '18 The 41st International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research & Development in Information Retrieval (8-12 Jul 2018, Ann Arbor, MI, USA) (pp. 993-996)
Reconciling Irrational Human Behavior with AI based Decision Making: A Quantum Probabilistic Approach (2018)
Uprety, Sagar and Song, Dawei
In : 1st Workshop on AI and Computational Psychology(CompPsy) (14 Jul 2018, Stockholm, Sweden)

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